Monday, February 2, 2009

Just hangin

Today was a very low key type of day. I hardly ever have those with a 2 year old running amuck!

It was great fun this morning working with both Alex and Sam. Alex has all of a sudden decided that coloring within the lines has its benefits...such as actually being able to see the pictures he's coloring instead of a blanket of one color across the whole page. So, today he brought me a picture with a lot of color detail. It was only very colorful on one side, you could see the guy's hair and then his clothes and a board he was holding, all very neatly colored in and then the other half of the page was blank. I asked him about that and told him it would sure be nice to have the whole picture colored so he ran off to do so. He came back in less than one minute, the other half of the picture was completely blue. Oh well, at least he's making an attempt.

Sam just doodled circles all over a blank page...she threw some squares in there for a little contrast. All pink, of course.

Then, on Alex's free page (blank page he can do whatever with), he brought me this:

How cute is that? Obviously, it's his name...that's him up at the top of the name. Then that little tiny person down below is me...with a rain cloud over my head. LOL He's so funny sometimes.

Ok, gotta get going...have to supervise some homework.


Tonya said...

We have lots of those name pictures laying around the house! I love how little people draw their first pictures of people. It always makes me smile:0)

wendy said...

You, with a rain cloud over your head, Ahhh. According to his drawing You have what we call a "square face" not oval or round. Are you choosing your hairstyle accordingly