Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ode to Jon

Ode to Jon

Since it's Jon's 35th Birthday today and he's officially decrepit....I thought I'd give you 35 facts you may or may not have known about the man I love...I'm going to try to get really creative here.

Here goes:

1. He's brilliant. Really and truly brilliant.
2. He's been going to school now for 14 years, at least 1 class per term.
3. Can you tell he never gives up?^^^
4. He plays this game “Old McDonald” with the kids where he takes their hand and makes them rub his beard, which tickles, and then pulls their arm up and tickles their armpits with said beard. You'd just have to see it. So funny.
5. He often wears these flamer pajama pants...they literally have flames on them and I hate them.
6. He's totally awesome at Rock Band II. He could so totally play on Expert, but doesn't usually.
7. He once said another woman's name in bed while sleeping. woke me right up! He said, “That woman!” I woke up and said, “excuse me?”, and he replied, “Jackie! That woman has no style.” Um...ok. (We watched earlier in the evening a documentary on Jackie Kennedy...I guess he wasn't impressed with her choice of evening wear that night or something.)
8. He never complains about having to hold my stuff while shopping.
9. He is an avid cartoon watcher/critic.
10. He draws really well.
11. He hates pot roast, which is really too bad because that's one of my favorites.
12. When we were dating he said he wanted to have 8 children! Now he's not sure he wants one...and we have three!
13. He loves to play video games.
14. He's thrifty.
15. He makes some really mean crepes. I mean they blow your mind and curl your toes. So good.
16. He loves all animals. Really loves them...and tries to bring them home with him.
17. He likes peppermint ice cream. Ew
18. He's a huge pack rat! Like big time.
19. He's very loyal.
20. A lot of people call him Richard, in fact, quite a few of his patients think that's his real name. (Long story.)
21. He's a twitcher. He'll be sitting perfectly still and then all of a sudden,#(Q@*&(*#!
22. He's learning to play the guitar.
23. He let me paint his finger nails – once.
24. He loves God. He has one of the kindest, sweetest spirits I know.
25. He can't hold still when he really gets to laughing. I don't know if I can describe it...maybe a cross between someone having a seizure or being tazered.
26. He's super funny.
27. He LOVES that Mountain Dew they have at Taco Bell, but since we don't drink caffeine anymore, we can't even go to Taco Bell because of the reminder/temptation.
28. He still holds a grudge against me for biting him in the back...when I was 2!
29. He's only barfed once since we've been married. I told him not to eat that cheese burger if it tasted bad...he didn't listen.
30. He's a good singer...sometimes.
31. He's really good at board games, but hardly ever plays them. :(
32. He's never “cut the cord” on any of our children. He never felt the need.
33. He's an EXTREME germ-a-phobe. Seriously. Won't even take a drink after me. Weird.
34. He hardly sleeps. He goes to bed sometimes as late as 1am and then gets up every day at 5:30am...crazy.
35. He's my favorite person in the whole world.


Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday to Jon!

Armitage Family said...

Awww SO sweet! Happy Birthday Jon :)

P.S. Sorry I missed you at work today Rebecca... I'm at home, feeling like crap. Hope you are having a fabulous day!

Cory, Heather Alyssa and Owen Strasser said...

Tell Jon Happy Birthday from us!

Stacey said...

Jon :) those are great becca. really. have a great weekend :) love you all s

Sheri said...

Happy Birthday to Jon! Hope you are both having a great day! :)

wendy said...

Ok missy, if you think 35 is are WRONG. He's a spring chicken (compared to my 57 glorious years) So be prepared for alot of adventures in life and love ahead. That is a daunting task to come up with 35 things.......