Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My romantic husband

Last night while waiting for all the kids to take baths and brush their teeth, I decided to sit down and read some Mansfield Park. Then I decided that I would listen to music at the same time (ya, I'm talented like that), but decided that All American Rejects probably wouldn't set the mood for Mansfield and Edmund...so I started browsing through my iPod for the right mood. I was going to go for something like "Clair de lune", but then came across something entirely new to me. Jon must have put a new song on for me, I thought, so I opened up the single to give it a quick listen to see if it was something that would be suitable for reading.

It certainly was.

However, that wasn't what grabbed my attention. The song is "I'd Rather Be With You" by Joshua Radin from the album Simple Times. I gave it a listen and then another. It is very, very sweet.

Jon put this sweet tune on my iPod just for me and it gave me chills. If you haven't already heard this song, look it up (someday I'll get fancy enough to actually add the video into my post, but I've still no clue how to do this). So I sauntered into the bedroom where Jon was watching an episode of some show where they were crashing school busses (I know). Here's our conversation:

me: Jon, that was so sweet of you to put this great song on my iPod. I love it! Thank you! (then I even lean over and kiss him and rub his shoulder)

him: Um, I did? What song is it?

me: Are you serious? Did I just give you an opportunity to be completely romantic and reply something along the lines of, "Of couse, I love you. I meant the song to be especially for you." But, no. (I should note that while I'm on this little rant he can't keep a grin from spreading across his face.)


me: Let me give you another opportunity, honey. We'll start over.


me: Oh honey, thank you so much for putting this sweet song on my iPod! I love it. I can't believe you did this for only me and thought of me the whole time and that you were just showing how much you love me!

him: Ya, ya. I thought you might like it.

So there you have it. My husband is completely romantic...especially when prompted or told what to say. :)


Purplepickle said...

He is as romantic as his father! Here is an example:

Me: I love you honey.
Wayne: "Ditto"
Me: Wayne - that is not the correct response.
Wayne: "What I said Ditto"
Me: Come here and let me slug you in the arm.

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