Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boy's room

I spent hours today, after the boys "cleaned" their room, cleaning the boy's room. I tell you what, I was brutal. I felt like I had no choice. I threw out, picked up, aired out, sucked up so many toys and crap. It's now clean. They are down to two buckets of toys instead of five. I didn't even let them choose...oh, don't get bent out of shape...I didn't throw away anything of consequence.

When Jon got home, we even moved their dresser so they could have a wall free for wall ball. Austin especially would have gotten rid of anything so he could have a wall free for that! I'll probably regret that one soon.

We'll see how long it stays clean. We went over some new rules and they seem to understand them. Rules like, by the end of the day your room has to be clean and picked up...after you're finished reading your books, put them back on the bookshelf. Rules like that. Rules that will prevent their mother from having a hissy fit...as often that is.

Oh, and I also didn't allow a bin for Sam. Although she plays in their room with them all the time, I decided that it wasn't fair for them to house her things as well. So, we moved all of her little things to her room. That one is on my hit list now for tomorrow.

It's never ending.

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wendy said...

That is a big job------but I am sure you feel great having got rid of some stuff. I am always telling my kids THEIR kids have way to many toys.......they don't even KNOW what they have. Good to teach them to clean up after themselves. I remember when my daughter was a teenager, she'd throw her cloths etc all over her floor, and one day I just bagged it all up and took it to my friends. She had to EARN them all back. Lessons learned eh.