Monday, February 9, 2009

So funny.

Oh my goodness. I could not stop laughing when I watched this. Sorry I couldn't just post the darn video here...I'm still trying to figure out how to use this blog to my greatest advantage.

Watching this reminded me of an episode when Jon and I were first married. We still had our little Ford Festiva...and I was driving (this was the usual because Jon didn't fit very well in it and it was horribly embarrassing for him to even ride in, so needless to say, driving it was out of the question). I'm sure Jon could tell the story much better than I, but of course he exaggerates A LOT...but here's how I remember it.

We were driving to Cub Foods, before Winco and before coupons, and I happened to see this person (I can't remember if it was a woman or man...Jon would tell you without hesitation that it was a woman) driving crazily. I mean to tell you they were all over the road. I turned my head to gauk and laugh at how insanely funny it was when all of a sudden we were having an earthquake. Ya, it surprised me, too! The car was just jumping all over the road at this point and I was starting to think that maybe that person wasn't driving too crazy after all, given the circumstances.

Well, come to find out that while I was otherwise unobservant in my driving efforts, I had drove up onto the center flower beds. I took out several sweet annuals and if it wasn't for Jon yelling, "What the heck are you doing!?!?!" I wouldn't have turned and realized that I was being a ninnie and the one who was driving like a manic now. Jon was gripping the armrest for dear life and screaming at me to pay attention. By this time, I couldn't even see straight because my tears were clouding my vision.

When I finally pulled into a spot and it was determined that we were unscathed...Jon said to me, "I thought you were joking around until you almost hit that tree!" I was unable to even form a coherent response, all I could do at this point is laugh. I could not stop laughing and Jon just kept looking at me so frostily, which made me laugh even harder! Finally, he gave in and laughed with me. Man, what a miracle that only the flowers were damaged. I'll never forget that...even if I could, I have Jon to remind of it...frequently.

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vaxhacker said...

That's pretty funny :)