Sunday, February 22, 2009

An the Oscar goes to....

Who cares? Just kidding. I watched the Oscars only for the purpose of seeing the man to the left. I'm pathetic...I realize this. He looked stunning, of course. I'm not sure, but he may have even washed his hair for the big event (it's sad that that can't be either confirmed or denied). Regardless, he's beautiful.

But...did anyone see Hugh Jackman? Whoa. He's definitely a sight for sore, what a hunk!

Oh, and Ben Stiller...amazingly funny! Check out youtube for his performance...just too awesome.

Also, I have to say that I want to see Slumdog Millionaire. I won't watch it because of the "R" rating, but maybe someday I'll get lucky and they'll edit it for TV.

That's my only review. Sheri did a much more thorough review and she's pretty awesome.

Besides getting caught up on Lost, I've read some today and stayed in bed. It's definitely not the office that's gotten me's the kids. They tend to do that sort of thing. I am starting to get a little worried about Sam's face now though. It's been wiped, cleaned, snotted on so much over the last few days that it's literally raw and bleeding in places. Poor little thing...she's a mess.

Well, enough for now. I hope you are all well and in good spirits.


Kristina P. said...

I'm not a fan of R. Pattinson to begin with, but he looked liked he was bored! There are people discussing it on a message board I belong to.

And it's really unfortunate that Slumdog is Rated R. It shouldn't be, and it's an amazing movie. Sometimes, I think that the rating system is really detrimental. It's a great, uplifting movie, and there are so many horrible, PG-13 movies out there that people will see instead.

Sheri said...

Thanks for the kind words about my Oscars post. :) I think Rob looked great, but I usually always think that. hehe Hugh Jackman also looked really great, but what else to expect from the "Sexiest Man Alive"?

Julie said...

You're hilarious! Hope you're feeling better soon. Missed you today.

Jen said...

We are sick here I have 3 out of 4 with a fever this morning. It was a LONG night with Chase he was up almost every hour.
We wanted to see that movie as well So I hope it comes to TV! Hope you get feeling better