Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grocery deals ending today. Sorry! :(

Here's what I got tonight:

10 bags of Betty Crocker cookie mix
1 gallon milk (filler)
1 loaf bread (filler)
10 tubs Betty Crocker frosting
3 lbs bananas
1 1/2 pouds apples
1 package Peeps (bluck)
10 boxes Chex mix cereal bars
10 Pillbury Cresant rolls (refrigerated)
1 12 count eggs

I should have spent $130.35. With my coupons and store coupons I paid $3.59. That's less than 1 gallon of milk people! Not my best ever haul, but not bad either.

I promise to go through the ad early this week so I can say what deals I'm getting for you all. I've been so swamped that I've not gotten around to getting this done lately. Sorry. From a glance, I can see that Albertson's has some really good deals going on now...so check that out and see what you can find.


Kristina P. said...

That is going to be a lot of delicious cookies.

Sheri said...

Wow! How do you get such great deals?

I tagged you! :P Check it out on my Blog if you want to participate.

Armitage Family said...

You are a coupon guru! Kudos to you :)