Thursday, February 26, 2009

ABC tag

The rules are :
1. To each letter of the alphabet, write a word connected to you
2. Tag 6 people to do this next.

A - Alive.
B - Believing.
C - Cute. (I say cute because people always say, "Oh, you're so cute" I think Goofy better suited though.)
D - Determined, definitely.
E - Ernestine (my middle name)
F - Family...the most important thing
G - Girlie
H - Hyper
I - Ice cold. I'm freezing all the time!
J - Jon (you can't have one of us without the other)
K - Kind.
L - LOL...I'm always cracking up.
M - Music (once again, you can't have one without the other)
N - Nerdy. Yes, I said it. I'm really quite nerdy...but that's the new cool, in case you were wondering.
O - Outstanding handwriting...unless I'm writing in a chart, then I'm just as bad as the doctors. LOL
P - Professional Appeal writer
Q - Quint (my brother-in-law)...can't think of anything else for Q
R - Reader of all things that are good.
S -, ya.
T - Twilight...I just love those books!
U - Unwavering in my faith.
V - Va va voom lipstick...hehe
W - Weirdo (self, ya)
X - Xcited, a lot of the time.
Y - You! You are all a part of me somehow, thanks for that.
Z - Zippie.

Ok, so now I tag, Julie, Wendy, Heather, Vickie, Stacey, Teri

Have fun guys! :)


Kristina P. said...

I love your middle name! So unique!

wendy said...

There must be a gazzilon different tags------and they are fun to read and find things out about people.

Armitage Family said...

Thanks Rebecca :) Yeah... a bit of a scare... so I'm just taking it easy. I missed you guys today though. I hear the office is changing everyday! Madness. Have a great weekend! Thank you again!

Sheri said...

Thanks for doing the tag! :)

P.S. - Check out my blog and pick up your 2 awards waiting for you! <3