Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today during breakfast I had a very interesting conversation with my children. Alex started it. He asked me whether I had two moms. I told him that I had only one mom that gave birth to me, but another mom, Grandma Susan, who stepped in when my mom couldn't. Essentially. That seemed to bode well with them.

A few minutes later, Austin asked me if I knew my dad. I told him that I did not. He wondered why my mom didn't know who he was. How to explain that mess to him... Alex piped in and said, "Maybe your dad didn't like your mom." Simple enough right? Maybe...I really don't know anything to explain further on the subject so I get up to put more food on our plates to drop the subject.

Then, Alex pipes up and asks, "Mom, do we have ancestors?" I told him that we did.

Austin then asks, "Do we have an-brothers, too?" I had to ask him what he said again to be sure, and he repeated himself. At this point I'm twitching around in silent laughter because dang, that was funny right there.

I explained to him what having an ancestor meant and I don't think he really understood why I was laughing so hard, but seemed to accept the answer.

Kids say the funniest things.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Yesterday I had this great idea. Don't put on sunscreen...get a little burnt and it'll turn into a tan.

What the heck!?

So, I think it would have worked if it wasn't for the fact that I was out in VERY HOT weather for 4 hours. I'm lobster red, like, really.

We went to the river again yesterday and it was very relaxing and fun and there was even a slight breeze at time. I think it cooled down to like 97 degrees or something tolerable, so that was also nice.

The day before we went to the lake and low and behold, all of us got sick. Turns out that there was a rare blue green algae growing in the middle of the lake that got stirred up by a bunch of boats. When ingested it causes flu like symptoms. Yeah...

Then, if that's not bad enough, we had to worry about West Nile virus from the bugs. I got bit once, and my kids didn't get bit at all, but Calvin got a nasty bite and his leg swelled up. And Rannon...well, that poor kid has bites all up and down his legs.

But, we were out in the beautiful weather and played for hours in the water and had a blast. Was it worth it? Sure was. Towards the end of the night we might have all been thinking twice about it, especially if the bathroom was otherwise occupied, but still. It was good.

I'm not sure when we'll head back home...this feels too good to rush it right?

Ok, onto that run before it hits 85...

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Yesterday I went to my first rodeo. It was very cool. The announcers were what made the show, I believe. Some of the riders won over $60,000!

The bull rider competition was insane. Only one bull rider managed to stay on for 8 seconds. Period. So needless to say he won that cash prize.

There was one rider whose name was Cash. His parents named their first child Rope, second child Tye, and third Cash. So when Cash had his first son, he named him Straight Cash. BiZarre. It was sort of funny though. Apparently, according to the announcers his mother, on a scale from 8-10 for hottness is a 12. They were going on and on about how hot his mom was. Poor kid.

We're planning a trip to the river today to do some rafting. It'll be 108...or something crazy, so we might not be out for that long.

It's been very relaxing on vacation. I've really enjoyed it. It's been a long time coming.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Party time?

The title says it all. I have to spill on what happened yesterday because it was just sooo funny!

I hear the doorbell and am not expecting anyone, so I run to get it...all the while thinking it's going to be a salesman asking me if they can clean my carpet for the hundredth time this week...

I open the door to find a nice young man there ready to come into my house! Upon closer inspection I realize...wait a second!? Is that a Willoughby? I'm pretty sure that's a Willoughby...

"Hey," said Willoughby says, "is this where the party's at?"


"Um, no, sorry. We're not partying here right now." I laugh. *If he only knew...*

"Oh, well can you tell me where the party is?" So polite he asks, fully expecting me to know.

"Sorry hon, I didn't even know there was a party anywhere!" Laughing again.

"Oh, well, there is a party and someone said it was here..." Looks around for the first time and shrugs.

Then I proceeded to go out and talk to his mom and laugh because this was what I needed yesterday as a break. It was so funny.

We're leaving for vacation for 2 weeks. I'm so excited! It's a good thing he didn't barge in or anything because he would have been acosted by laundry anywhere he turned in my house right now. LOL

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just a bunch of junk.

The boys and Jon are camping. I'm home with Sam.

We're being lazy. It's nice.

Anyway, just now, she finally woke up for good this time. She did wake up early this morning to go to the bathroom, but curled up next to me and fell back asleep. I've been up for a bit reading.

Her stomach growled and she proudly exclaimed, "My stomach farted!" Really, really loud. It was funny. Then her stomach growled again and she started giggling. It was really cute.

Well, that's not too bad right? Last night we went to Panera for some dinner, well, I did at least. She wanted Wendy's nuggets, so we stopped there as well. While we were waiting for my food at Panera she farted. She very loudly stated that, "I farted!" There were a few people right around us and some people behind the counter who laughed. The girl making some smoothies about messed her pants I think. She was laughing so hard and told me thanks for bringing her in to brighten her day.

If that's all it took, I wonder what sort of day she had.

Anyway, we watched some cartoons when we got home and went to bed. Today, we'll eat some breakfast and get our toenails painted. I'm going to take her to the place I get my pedicures. We'll see how we manage that.

Jon and the boys will be back later today. I hope they had a lot of fun at the Ward Campout. The bishopric made the best pancakes I've ever had in my life last I'm jealous that I don't get to get some this year, but since I'm taking off so much time this month as it is, I couldn't miss work to attend this year.

Now, I'm just rambling, I know, but I have to say that last night (of course it would be when Jon was gone) the strangest thing happened. Tucker tried to chew his leg off! I've never seen something like it before. I was very, very freaked out. He kept biting his leg so hard and chewing on it so hard that he would whine and growl. He looked like he was in pain or something. I looked him over and I didn't find any ticks or fleas and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. This went on for about an hour. I really have no clue what was wrong with him, but he eventually calmed and relaxed and went to sleep. It was very weird. Anyone ever hear of such strange behavior?

Anyway, I gotta stop the stomach farting...

Friday, July 10, 2009

New Quote

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." - Maria Robinson

Whoa, right?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hotel For Dogs

So, today, Austin and Alex had a really funny conversation. What made it funny is when you realize how extremely alike your kid is to you, or your spouse. This was so totally a moment where you could completely tell that Austin is his father's son.

Austin: Hey Mom? You remember that dog on Hotel For Dogs that only had three legs? I can't remember his you remember it?

Me: *thinks* Um, sorry honey, I don't even remember a dog with three legs. Maybe they called him 'old three legs'?

Austin: Yeah, maybe that's it.

Alex: How did he walk around with only 3 legs?

Austin: *proceeds to demonstrate the process*

Alex: You mean like this? *mimicks his brother and they are now both attempting a three legged walk*

Austin: Yeah, like that see.

Alex: Well did the dog die because he only had three legs?

Austin: *annoyed* You watched the same show I did! *rolls eyes*

That, right there my exactly something Jon would have said. Only he'd say it to me. I forget things all the time. It's not my fault, but I get the same response.

So funny.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Who knew playing forts was so tiring?