Monday, March 30, 2009

Feeling better.

You couldn't tell by looking at me, hearing me talk (that's for sure), but I feel better, finally. I'm really super excited. So, I'm going to do what I always do when I get an inch...I'm going to take a mile...actually two. I'm going to go for a run tonight for the first time, in like, forever. I didn't end up running Friday after work after all because I only made it at work for 1 hour before I got even more sick. I wouldn't have gone to work at all had I known that puking would rear its ugly head. Ya, this really was the worst flu ever.

Anyway, the kids are doing good, which is a HUGE plus. Now, Jon and I just need to get our act together. I should mention that he's been sick with this crap, too, just not as bad as me...or if he was as bad he certainly handled it much better than I did. And that, is entirely possible.

I've got so much stuff to get done now that I feel better. The house is a mess and I've just got so much stuff to do...laundry, cleaning, organizing, couponing...and that's a big one. I've not straightened out my coupon crap for weeks...

So, better get on that. Ya.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Short Update

So I got myself all worked up and excited about running 10 miles this week, which I completely planned on doing, but so far I've only been able to run 6 miles. I got the flu, which, of course, meant that I couldn't move to do anything pretty much. I'm hoping that tomorrow after work I'll have enough energy to go to the gym and run 2 miles. This would put my total running miles for the week to 8 miles, which is two less than my goal, but I did also do 2 miles on my eliptical on Monday in addition to my I don't feel so bad about it, especially since I didn't plan on getting the flu.

We'll see if I make it tomorrow after a long day at work. I'm thinking I can do it.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I have absolutely everything and nothing to say. Surprised? Naw, I tend to be like that sometimes.

Firstly, I'm running again. It feels so good. I can't even tell you. I started off slow, well for me anyway. I began by running a 12 minute mile. This is by no means fast, and I was very discouraged when I first started, which was at the end of February, I think. By the end of the first week, while it was difficult to walk, I pressed on...or rather ran on. I was encourged further the second week when I shaved 1 whole minute off my time! Wat Wat! Then, also, it didn't hurt so bad after words, which was a definite plus. This last week, I ran the same 1 mile route early in the week, but started pushing it too hard. I had to stop about 3/4 of the way through it and actually walk. I made it back to the house still in 11 minutes...which tells me I was just pushing myself beyond what my body could do at the time. I just had to stop because I couldn't control my breathing. So, until I get a hang of things again I decided to actually use my gym membership. LOL

I've had a gym membership for so many years, at least 8? Anyway, I pay like $9.00/month for unlimited gym time at any Bally's, but I never use it. Partly because for years I've been using the eliptical at home and the Bow Flex, which I love. But, now that I've started running again I decided that it would be best if I ran on a treadmill to pace myself better. When I'm on the road I tend to go faster than I should. When I'm on a treadmill, it sets the pace and I can keep along with it. At least for a few months I think I'm going to go to the gym until I know what my pace is and what my body can do before I do road running again. Sounds like a reasonable plan to me.

Now for the exciting part...I went to the gym this week. I like to work out in the women's section because I'm just nervous around people in general sometimes...especially when I'm all jiggly and HUGE...don't want people gauking at me or nothing (not that they do anyway, it's just a brain thing for me). When I got there, I almost went home because the woman's treadmills were taken already. Bummer. I thought I'd try the stair stepper, but then I realized that I just really wanted to run. So, I held my chin up and went out to run with the big boys. There was one treadmill left. I took it gladly.

It was sandwiched right between a guy with tattoos and piercings gallore, and a woman who was like...Victoria Secret supermodel hottness, head turner extraorindaire. So, of course I began sweating nervously and again thought about just leaving. But I didn't.

I got on that thing and put my head phones on and played The All American Rejects "Gives You Hell" on repeat and just had at it. I mean I tore the place up! The very attractive, hugmongo boobed gal next to me wasn't even going as fast as I was! I surprised myself because I actually did a mile in 11 minutes! So, my pace wasn't so far off as I thought.

I stopped there, after a cool down, of course, and then went home. So, Saturday, I decided to give it another shot and headed to the gym. I was relieved when there was one treadmill available in the women's section and started my workout. I'm extremely proud to say that I ran 2 whole miles without stopping! It took me 21 minutes exactly. :) For all of you who are bad with math, that means I shaved 30 seconds more off my best time for a mile! Wat Wat! I was all crazy on that thing! :)

So I set a new goal for myself starting Saturday...I'm going to run 10 miles this week. What!??! I know...that means I'll need to do 2 miles a day or so. I'm going to do it. I'm kind of excited to see if I can endure it.

Of course, I want to loose weight so I weighed myself so I can check my progress. Here's the thing. Since I started working out again almost 1 1/2 years ago now (it's been a long time) I've lost 44lbs. I know it...that's like Alex, almost. I hope that with this new routine I'll be able to shed some more lbs and get healthier. I look forward to it. Kind of exciting. :)

Secondly, I'm happy to report that Jon and I have come up with a new plan about church. Since the kids have been so sick for, like, months, one or sometimes both of us (because we get sick too) have missed church. This has been totally depressing me, seriously. So, we've come up with a plan so that we don't miss church on Sunday's...even if the kids are sick. One of us will go to our ward with the kid(s) who aren't sick, the other one will stay home with the other kid(s). Then once our church is over, Jon's parents ward will be starting and gives us enough time to get things together so that the one who stayed home first can go to church after all, just to a different ward. Why didn't we think of this before!??! Hey, at least we're thinking of it now. I'm really excited about this plan and I hope it works out like I want it to.

Thirdly, I'm really trying to keep the house tidier. I'm wiping things down constantly and picking things up more because we have been so sick. I'm hoping that keeping things more germ free will help, a lot.

Lastly, well, actually I don't really have a lastly. I just feel happy. :) That's all.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lesson learned

Tonight it was my turn to read scriptures and say the prayer before bed. In fact, I just finished doing that and had to run down here to type this up, because it is just too priceless. I was reading in Alma, Chapter 36. So when I read verses 6 and 7, I briefly explained that Alma and the Son's of Mosiah were being very naughty and so Heavenly Father sent an angel to talk to them.

Austin, bless his heart, got really confused for a minute, lifted his hand up as if to halt me and said, "Whoa, whoa, mean we're supposed to be good?!?" Confused at first myself, I said, well, yeah. His brows furrowed close together and he looked just really confused then. Then it dawned on me what he was meaning to say. I don't even think he realized what he was saying to begin with because what I think he was meaning to convey was that he thought that Alma the younger and the Sons of Mosiah were good. We've read this chapter before, I don't even remember how long ago it was, but he only remembered that they became good.

After we talked further and discussed the chapter, he became more comfortable and sure of what he was saying. But man, it was so funny. I just had to put this down for memory sake.

Austin, dude...I love you. You're so awesome. Thanks for making me smile. A lot.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


As it turns out, Sam is afraid of spiders. Unfortunately, for her, she lives in a family where she will be teased mercilessly about this. This does not mean that we will go out of our way to find a spider and throw it on her (although just imagining her jumping around squeeling does sort of make me grin...I know - I'm horrible), but rather means that if anyone of us sees a spider we will probably run and get her to show it to her. Again, I know this is horrible.

I found this out because yesterday she was on the toilet doing her business and I was doing dictation and heard through my ear phones, "Mom! Spider!" so loudly that I'm sure the neighbors heard her, too. I went in there to see what the deal was and she was darn near completely in the toilet bowl cringing to get away from said intruder. I look to where she's pointing near frantically and see something the size of this > * <...very slowly walking toward her. Now, I can see that she's obviously scared. She sweating profusely and trembling. However, I could not help laughing. She looks at me incredulously, probably thinking, "Are you seriously laughing at me? Don't you know this huge spider could rip my head off!?", but instead says, "Not funny, mommy! Make it dead!". So, I comply.

After I smash it, I open up the tissue to show it to her and she continues to freak out (because, you know, spiders are capable of sustaining such a squish). I show her that the spider is, in fact, no longer with us and not to be afraid. Not until I throw it in the trash does she calm down and climb out of the toilet.

Ya, we're all going have fun with this one.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I took Sam and Austin to the doctor today because I thought Austin had strep and an ear infection and Sam had pink eye. Turns out that Sam and Alex have fluid behind their ear drums, but it doesn't look we're to keep an eye on that. Austin and Sam have the flu. Austin is trying to get over it and Sam is just starting to get it. Figures. I'm a little miffed that I paid $40.00 in copays just to find out there's nothing I can do besides feed and water them. Jon said something along the lines of "Told you so.." To which I replied, "Didn't you know that 'I told you so' has a brother? His name is "SHUT THE HECK UP". Naw...I didn't say that outloud, just thought it (and toned it down a little considering that saying originally came from The Simpsons).

Anyway, gotta's too hard to type with a little girl sitting on my lap.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

On a lighter note...

I may go back and talk about The Shack some more at some point, but not now. (I re-read the previous posts and sound sort of preachy and didn't mean that...sorry guys.)

Today I was upstairs making dinner and the kids were downstairs watching a cartoon...Danny Phantom...or something like that. A few of them decided to rummage around in my doubt looking for Peeps or some other tasty treat. Sam and Alex found a lighter in a container that I have a lot of birthday stuff and candles in and some paper plates, etc. Well, they thought that this would be a fun toy.

Not so much.

Now...we don't smoke, and as you can tell by where the lighter was...don't often have use for a lighter or matches. I've never really thought to tell them not to play with fire, at least Sam anyway. I'm pretty sure that we've talked to the boys about this. Like I said though, it's not like we have these sorts of things lying around the house for them to worry about anyway.

I know it has to be Alex because the thing is too hard for Sam to push down the safety and light the darn thing, but I found a roll of toilet paper in the trash can after I got back from my run tonight. (Ya...I've been doing good and shaved 1 minute off my mile run...yay me!) I check out the roll and find that it was half charcoal and half nice white paper. Grrr.....then I start to look around the bathroom and find little ashes all over the darn vanity. It looks like there was a successful attempt at putting out the fire...probably not before someone crapped bricks.

I've never thought to put a smoke detector in the bathroom, but now I'm reconsidering that. How blessed are we that it wasn't much worse? Man...sometime I wonder what could possibly be going through their heads sometimes.

I know Austin didn't have any part in it because he was on the couch from the time he got home freezing (takes after me I guess..I had on knee high socks today, jeans, and FOUR shirts and sweater and then had a blanket on me all day and was still cold)...oh and I should mention he's got a sore throat and fever of we go again.

Things are so eventful around here, it's no wonder why we don't go very many's just too entertaining at the Garver house.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More heavy...The Shack

I didn't even get my tooth worked on today, they were doubled booked. I guess that's what happens when you get free dental work - family can wait apparently. Oh well, I'll get it done tomorrow. Moving on...

Part of healing is coming to a better understanding of God...please don't misinterpret - I, in no way, claim to understand Him completely, but I feel him at work in my life in the things that I do that are truly good. I wish I could just type out this whole book for you to read because it has a lot of good stuff in it...but that would take entirely too long and not all of it is truth so I don't want anyone to get confused about some pretty major things if they didn't have a testimony of such things already for themselves. (Make sense?)

Anyway, here's something that Papa explains to Mack that I thought was very interesting indeed about what and who he is. "...I am what some would say 'holy, and wholly other than you.' The problem is that many folks try to grasp some of sense of who I am by taking the best version of themselves, projecting that to the nth degree, factoring in all the goodness they can perceive, which often isn't much, and then call that God. And while it may seem like a noble effort, the truth is that it falls pitifully short of who I really am. I'm not merely the best version of you that you can think of. I am far more than that, above and beyond all that you can ask or think." "Even though you can't fully grasp me, guess what? I still want to be known." " By nature I am completely unlimited, without bounds. I have always known fullness." "We (speaking now as God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost) created you to share in that. But then Adam chose to go it on his own, as we knew he would, and everything got messed up. But instead of scrapping the whole Creation we rolled up our sleeves and entered into the middle of the mess - that's what we have done in Jesus."

I'll stop here for a just minute and offer something extra. What we're living is not Jesus' plan. It's our Heavenly Father's plan and we are His children. Some might argue this who believe that God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are One being and so argue that if it is one of their plans it is all of theirs. I agree, to an extent but only to suggest that they are, indeed, one having the same purpose, but are entirely complete and separate beings...later on in the book it will be explained as such, but not before it confuses things up a's that part: "We are not three gods, and we are not talking about one god with three attitudes, like a man who is a husband, father and worker. I am one God and I am three persons, and each of the three is fully and entirely the one."

This next part, while beautifully written and holds truth as it applies only to Christ is a little off the mark simply because of what I stated above. For those of you out there who believe it as it is written, I still believe it is written beautifully and have to put it down because of that. "...we became fully human. We also chose to embrace all the limitations that this entailed. Even though we have always been present in this created universe, we now became flesh and blood. It would be like this bird, whose nature it is to fly, choosing only to walk and remain grounded. He doesn't stop being the bird, but it does alter his experience of life significantly." (That's a understatement to say the least.) "Although by nature he is fully God, Jesus is fully human and lives as such. While never losing the innate ability to fly, he chooses moment-by-moment to remain grounded." - While I know Christ's decision to fullfill the law and come to earth and die for us was his choice, reading it that way helped me better understand it...but again, I don't claim to have a complete understanding. Papa continues, "Mackenzie, I can fly, but humans can't. Jesus is fully human. Although he is also fully God, he has never drawn upon his nature as God to do anything. He has only lived out of his relationship with me, living in the very same manner that I desire to be in relationship with every human being. He is just the first to do it to the uttermost - the first to absolutely trust my life within him, the first to believe in my love and my goodness without regard for appearance or consequence." I love this! I would add that not only was Christ the first to do this, but the only one to do this. Sure, I think there have been men, and women, who are good through and through, but they are still only human and not perfect. Christ is perfect.

Papa continues, "All love and relationship is possible for you only because it already exists within Me, within God myself. Love is not the limitation; love is flying. I am love." I think that most of us know this: God = Love. Ok, now when I read this next part, it jolted me a little but after I really thought about it I let it's truthfulness sink into my heart. "The God who is - the I am who I am - cannot act apart from love!" Beautiful. Sometimes, for me, I've been hohum and poor me because I thought or felt that Heavenly Father forgot me. That I was given experiences because He was punishing me for something I did or didn't do. Of course, I'm older now and I'd like to think wiser, so I know this to be absolutely false...that is that He's punishing me. He loves me...and he cannot act apart from that. It makes me feel really good and lighter to think about how very special I am to Him and how very fond of me He is...and it's just my nature to not even understand why.

Ok, back to the real I'll delve more into what else I've learned or remembered from reading this book. It really is a good book. If anyone wants to borrow it, I'll be happy to lend it out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Heavy - The Shack

A while back, I mentioned that I got the book, The Shack - by William P. Young. I sat down and started to read it, but was overcome with emotion and was quite unable to finish it at the time. I must admit, this was a hard read simply because of the protrayl of God, Jesus and The Holy Ghost. I so know that they are not as they are protrayed, physically I mean, and trying to even think of them in that way bothered me enough to not see the finer first.

Without giving the book away entirely, I'll share with you basically the jist of what's on the back cover, essentially something that you could learn or read on the website or if you just picked up the book and looked it over. It's about a man, Mack, who is struggling because his youngest daughter, Missy, was abducted during a family vacation and the evidence suggests that she was brutally murdered. Evidence turns up in this old abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. He becomes very sad, understandably, and it's even fair to say angry at God. Four years later, he receives an odd note in the mailbox, apparently from God, asking Mack to go to the shack for a weekend. He's a little irritated and thinks someone is playing a joke on him, but decides to go regardless. When he gets there, what happens to him over the course of the weekend changes his perspective on life and love and just changes him.

Like I said, I found this a very hard read. It is very simply written, but the concepts very real and there is a lot of truth in it. It was hard for me to read because here's this man, who is suffering because of the loss of his child. Here I am, not suffering anymore, but coping with a similar nightmare with one of my children, only my sweet child is alive and very well. He's dealing with the fact that someone harmed his little girl and I'm dealing with the fact that someone may have harmed mine. The evidence in his case later becomes very clear and obvious. The evidence in our case, while it has been collected, is not fully understood and it will be a long while before I'll have any answers. I have enough of an answer to be able to hold her and love her and pray for her and just to be her mom...which I enjoy beyond words.

So, I'll post a few parts of this book that helped me and wish to share with you all - if only as a reminder of these things that you probably already know. I mean, I know these things and have known them, but they touched my heart so powerfully and at the right time in my life so that I could feel God's love for me when I needed to feel it the most. At one time in Mack's conversation with God (who is protrayed, I might add, as a large Black woman they call joke) Mack almost yells at Papa (God) saying that God abandoned him. Papa replied that he never left him. When Mack retorts that that doesn't make any sense, Papa replied, "...Will you at least consider this: When all you can see is your pain, perhaps then you lose site of me?"

Whoa...I have to admit that there have been times in my life where, fortunately, for brief periods of time that's all I could see...pain. Whether mine or someone I love. I was drowning in it and lost sight of God. When I allowed myself to let go of this pain, with the help of God, I felt as if my burden was lifted and my prospects greater.

Oh this just gets better and better...I might have to stretch this into a few posts (I am tired). Papa goes on to tell Mack that he's not what Mack thinks he is, and of course Mack is confused. A bird lands on the windowsill and began strutting around. Papa then offers this: "Consider our little friend here...Most birds were created to fly. Being grounded for them is a limitation within their ability to fly, not the other way around." "You, on the other hand, were created to be loved. So for you to live as if you were unloved is a limitation, not the other way around." "Living unloved is like clipping a bird's wings and removing its ability to fly. Not something I want for you." "...pain has a way of clipping our wings and keeping us from being able to fly." "And if left unresolved for very long, you can almost forget that you were ever created to fly in the first place." (I just realized that I posted another flying analogy a while back...different, but still...huh.)

Man, how real is that? That's pretty well put. I don't know if I can really add anymore to it except that during times in my life I've certainly lacked the capacity to feel God's love for me, and this restriction and weakness on my part was, of course, by my own doing. No matter the circumstance, or reasons I felt justified in feeling that way.

Ok, too deep? Well, I'll have to delve more into it tomorrow. I just realized that I have a dentist appointment first thing in the morning and so I'd better get some sleep.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Killin' time

I'm waiting for my dictation to finish recording (I use an ancient method for doing this that's more cost effective...apparently) and just killin' time.

So....I stink. Really stink and the sad part is that I won't not stink for at least a few days. Trust me, at first when you get a wiff of me you might actually like it and think to yourself, "Hum...I'm feeling like BBQ and potato salad." This is not surprising, but I assure you that my stink won't rub off on may, however, cause you to follow me around for a while trying to figure out my scent. You won't guess it. Ever.

The secret to my smelliness? Hickory Liquid Smoke. LOL For enrichment tomorrow night I'm making Kaluah Pig. It's completely awesome and wonderful, but part of the process to make it is absolutely awful! You have to rub the pig butt (keep those naughty thoughts to yourself) or pig shoulder with liquid smoke and then give a nice hard rub with Hawaiian Sea Salts. Put it in the crock pot for 20 hours and then shred with a fork. What's the big deal?

Well, I'll tell you...because like I said I'm killin' time. Once you get the liquid smoke on your hands, I swear to you it does not come off no matter how much soap/bleach you use to get it off. So, it just hangs around and ferments on your fingers for days. It seeps into your skin and becomes a part of you, until it's not. I know...why not use gloves for Pete's sake?

Let me tell you. Coming from someone who is so completely allergic to just about everything, I'm sensitive to those around me who have the same sort of aliment. A LOT of people are allergic to Latex, and I only had Latex gloves. I'm not willing to use the gloves knowing that I could risk anaphylactic shock symptoms in someone or someones.

So, I stink. A lot. Ew. Jon's already cracking jokes. Ya...I know.

Playing the lotto

Hold the phone, guys. It's not what you think. Jon got a confirmation letter in the mail this Saturday that his application for nursing was accepted and he has been entered into the "lotto". I wish it meant that he was just going to be accepted flat out, but it doesn't. It just means that his name will be entered once, along with countless others, into the pool for nursing. So, after many, many, many years let's hope that he gets accepted!

Getting accepted would mean a big change for our family. Huge. The unknown of when he'll finally get in is sometimes daunting, but actually knowing that he'll be accepted is something entirely other. It makes me nervous and excited to know that we won't have to wait long to know for sure...just a couple of weeks. Until then though, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Nothing really new to report. I'm still sick, but what's new...really? I don't think I'll ever come to appreciate a raw nose and stuffy head and cold chills, but I might just get used to it.

I still have to post pictures of Sam in her little princess outfits. So cute. Just only slightly cuter than Jon wearing clip on earrings and rings on every finger just to his first knuckle...oh and the princess headbands. So classy...and truly handsomely beautiful.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Samantha!

Today is Sam's 3rd Birthday! (Current birthday pics will be posted tomorrow after her family birthday party.) My, my time has gone by. She gets more and more beautiful everyday. Her sweet spirit reminds me everyday what it means to love. Her simple words of encouragement to her brothers or to myself make my heart swell unmeasurably. She is very acutely aware of others, even at her young age, and knows just when a hug is most needed.

She is a determined adventurist. There is no hill too high, valley to wide, cap too hard to open on any container she shouldn't be getting doesn't slow her down.

She's funny. Probably gets her sense of humor from her dad. She's really into thinking that farting is funny, but always says, "excuse me" - after forcing one out.

She's mommy's helper. She takes pleasure in getting things done around the house with me...and then promptly asks for her treat.

She's picked up on one of my sayings and it's so darn sweet and heart breaking when she says it. "In a little bit." It's sweet because of the way she says it, and she's always confident that she'll get what she wants soon and willing to wait for whatever "it" is. Heart breaking because I don't have that much time left with her while she's this little and so trusting and loving. Heart breaking because every little bit I'm doing other things she's growing up, right before my eyes.

So, for you, Sam, when you are older and can fully appreciate this...I love you. You will always be my sweet little girl and I'll always remember you now and in a little bit.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tough times.

I posted at the end of December and early January about something that was very difficult for me. While I didn't go into any specific details or particulars about what my family and I were going through, I received support from many friends who love me and my family. I feel grateful to have such friends.

I still cannot manage to post what happened. I can't even write it for my own personal record for that matter. I have been unable to talk about it without shaking or feeling anxious and expect that to never change. I might have a better understanding - that's not the right word - more knowledge that I didn't have before, and that has lessened, somewhat, my fears and uneasiness. And just when I think that I've let it go, just when I think that I've gotten it together and have moved on, something happens to throw me right back, not quite to the beginning but close to it.

I just have a broken heart. It's like there are little pieces of a 3D puzzle missing. Today I got another little piece, a type of piece that enhances one side of the puzzle - that makes it so that I can more clearly see the picture as a whole...or at least see the picture better still with missing pieces. I can see the puzzle's potiential now and make better guesses about what is missing, without knowing for sure.

But, now having this knowledge makes it worse. It was better to just speculate rather than think that this could possibly go deeper than I originally imagined or dared to think about.

And, I'm grateful that we're alright. That our side of this puzzle is very clearly in tact, with no variation of truth to be considered because it was only ever based on fact, and I consider fact in this case, truth. So I should be grateful, right? I should be relieved, and I am relieved...more so than I can even tell you. That part makes me want to sing.

But...the rest of this puzzle is broken and the last side is completely unfinished. This is what makes me heart broken. This is what makes me, not lose hope, but feel hopeless...powerless. It's crazy and I can't stop feeling just awful for them. I hate not being able to tell someone who's so incredibly wounded that they will be alright. I want to tell them that God loves them, but when they outright say that they feel like a failure and you can see they believe that of's excruitating. Unbearable.

And what's worse is knowing that they are good, but just like me and my family, they were dealt something impossible and have to live through it.

But the worst part for me today was looking into this person's eyes and seeing that they are pained beyond any words. That they are so grief stricken that they've become hollow and dispondent almost beyond recognition. Even when I felt inspired to tell them that this is not their fault and that I do think they are good and hope that they can see that eventually and that I don't think they've failed me as they feel they have, I can see that it did no good. It kills me, it just kills me.

So, I've prayed more today - not that I don't pray always anyway...I like to think that I've got an open line going all the time with the Lord, because I do. But my prayers for others have been more heartfelt and sincere.

I see how very blessed I am to know God. I know I am blessed. I just wish that I could make others know that He loves them, too. I wish that I could see them how He sees them for just a brief second so that maybe I could know exactly the words to say to bring comfort to them so they'll really hear it and feel it.

It just really stinks.

Ping pong at its finest...

Ok, so when you click on this link, check the heading....and then watch the video. Pay attention to the score at the end.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dog funny.

Ok, here's something that is so entirely funny...there are few words even to describe it. Enjoy.


Ok, so this is terrible. I'm completely aware of it. I'm posting it because I actually thought it was legit...and actually had to watch almost until the very end before I realized that it was a hoax. LOL Anyway, it was so funny and you all probably would have figured that out far before I did. I'm so gullable.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I wish so very much that we could be well. Anyway...not posted in a few days because I've been in a funk. Very weird. I have a lot to say (surprised?) but just don't know where to begin...which is sort of a first for me. I'm sure I'll figure it out sooner or later.

Anyway, I hope you are all well.