Monday, March 23, 2009


I have absolutely everything and nothing to say. Surprised? Naw, I tend to be like that sometimes.

Firstly, I'm running again. It feels so good. I can't even tell you. I started off slow, well for me anyway. I began by running a 12 minute mile. This is by no means fast, and I was very discouraged when I first started, which was at the end of February, I think. By the end of the first week, while it was difficult to walk, I pressed on...or rather ran on. I was encourged further the second week when I shaved 1 whole minute off my time! Wat Wat! Then, also, it didn't hurt so bad after words, which was a definite plus. This last week, I ran the same 1 mile route early in the week, but started pushing it too hard. I had to stop about 3/4 of the way through it and actually walk. I made it back to the house still in 11 minutes...which tells me I was just pushing myself beyond what my body could do at the time. I just had to stop because I couldn't control my breathing. So, until I get a hang of things again I decided to actually use my gym membership. LOL

I've had a gym membership for so many years, at least 8? Anyway, I pay like $9.00/month for unlimited gym time at any Bally's, but I never use it. Partly because for years I've been using the eliptical at home and the Bow Flex, which I love. But, now that I've started running again I decided that it would be best if I ran on a treadmill to pace myself better. When I'm on the road I tend to go faster than I should. When I'm on a treadmill, it sets the pace and I can keep along with it. At least for a few months I think I'm going to go to the gym until I know what my pace is and what my body can do before I do road running again. Sounds like a reasonable plan to me.

Now for the exciting part...I went to the gym this week. I like to work out in the women's section because I'm just nervous around people in general sometimes...especially when I'm all jiggly and HUGE...don't want people gauking at me or nothing (not that they do anyway, it's just a brain thing for me). When I got there, I almost went home because the woman's treadmills were taken already. Bummer. I thought I'd try the stair stepper, but then I realized that I just really wanted to run. So, I held my chin up and went out to run with the big boys. There was one treadmill left. I took it gladly.

It was sandwiched right between a guy with tattoos and piercings gallore, and a woman who was like...Victoria Secret supermodel hottness, head turner extraorindaire. So, of course I began sweating nervously and again thought about just leaving. But I didn't.

I got on that thing and put my head phones on and played The All American Rejects "Gives You Hell" on repeat and just had at it. I mean I tore the place up! The very attractive, hugmongo boobed gal next to me wasn't even going as fast as I was! I surprised myself because I actually did a mile in 11 minutes! So, my pace wasn't so far off as I thought.

I stopped there, after a cool down, of course, and then went home. So, Saturday, I decided to give it another shot and headed to the gym. I was relieved when there was one treadmill available in the women's section and started my workout. I'm extremely proud to say that I ran 2 whole miles without stopping! It took me 21 minutes exactly. :) For all of you who are bad with math, that means I shaved 30 seconds more off my best time for a mile! Wat Wat! I was all crazy on that thing! :)

So I set a new goal for myself starting Saturday...I'm going to run 10 miles this week. What!??! I know...that means I'll need to do 2 miles a day or so. I'm going to do it. I'm kind of excited to see if I can endure it.

Of course, I want to loose weight so I weighed myself so I can check my progress. Here's the thing. Since I started working out again almost 1 1/2 years ago now (it's been a long time) I've lost 44lbs. I know it...that's like Alex, almost. I hope that with this new routine I'll be able to shed some more lbs and get healthier. I look forward to it. Kind of exciting. :)

Secondly, I'm happy to report that Jon and I have come up with a new plan about church. Since the kids have been so sick for, like, months, one or sometimes both of us (because we get sick too) have missed church. This has been totally depressing me, seriously. So, we've come up with a plan so that we don't miss church on Sunday's...even if the kids are sick. One of us will go to our ward with the kid(s) who aren't sick, the other one will stay home with the other kid(s). Then once our church is over, Jon's parents ward will be starting and gives us enough time to get things together so that the one who stayed home first can go to church after all, just to a different ward. Why didn't we think of this before!??! Hey, at least we're thinking of it now. I'm really excited about this plan and I hope it works out like I want it to.

Thirdly, I'm really trying to keep the house tidier. I'm wiping things down constantly and picking things up more because we have been so sick. I'm hoping that keeping things more germ free will help, a lot.

Lastly, well, actually I don't really have a lastly. I just feel happy. :) That's all.


Kristina P. said...

That sounds like a good plan for church.

And man, I have seriously been slacking on the elliptical. I did it last night, so I need to get my butt on it again tonight.

Cory, Heather Alyssa and Owen Strasser said...

Man you are better than I am at working out. I need to start doing that, I REALLY lack in the exercising department. I am going to have to start.

I give you two thumbs up!!!

Cory, Heather Alyssa and Owen Strasser said...

So when you guys are all better give me a call and we will come visit you.

Tonya said...

I really liked this post! I HATE running but have been wanting to rededicate myself better to getting out and walking and maybe running. Your description of the tatoo man and hottie woman was so funny. Go Rebecca!!!