Thursday, March 12, 2009

On a lighter note...

I may go back and talk about The Shack some more at some point, but not now. (I re-read the previous posts and sound sort of preachy and didn't mean that...sorry guys.)

Today I was upstairs making dinner and the kids were downstairs watching a cartoon...Danny Phantom...or something like that. A few of them decided to rummage around in my doubt looking for Peeps or some other tasty treat. Sam and Alex found a lighter in a container that I have a lot of birthday stuff and candles in and some paper plates, etc. Well, they thought that this would be a fun toy.

Not so much.

Now...we don't smoke, and as you can tell by where the lighter was...don't often have use for a lighter or matches. I've never really thought to tell them not to play with fire, at least Sam anyway. I'm pretty sure that we've talked to the boys about this. Like I said though, it's not like we have these sorts of things lying around the house for them to worry about anyway.

I know it has to be Alex because the thing is too hard for Sam to push down the safety and light the darn thing, but I found a roll of toilet paper in the trash can after I got back from my run tonight. (Ya...I've been doing good and shaved 1 minute off my mile run...yay me!) I check out the roll and find that it was half charcoal and half nice white paper. Grrr.....then I start to look around the bathroom and find little ashes all over the darn vanity. It looks like there was a successful attempt at putting out the fire...probably not before someone crapped bricks.

I've never thought to put a smoke detector in the bathroom, but now I'm reconsidering that. How blessed are we that it wasn't much worse? Man...sometime I wonder what could possibly be going through their heads sometimes.

I know Austin didn't have any part in it because he was on the couch from the time he got home freezing (takes after me I guess..I had on knee high socks today, jeans, and FOUR shirts and sweater and then had a blanket on me all day and was still cold)...oh and I should mention he's got a sore throat and fever of we go again.

Things are so eventful around here, it's no wonder why we don't go very many's just too entertaining at the Garver house.


Kristina P. said...

Boys just love fire. They can't help it!

wendy said...

YIKES --it is amazing our kids make it to adulthood.