Tuesday, March 17, 2009


As it turns out, Sam is afraid of spiders. Unfortunately, for her, she lives in a family where she will be teased mercilessly about this. This does not mean that we will go out of our way to find a spider and throw it on her (although just imagining her jumping around squeeling does sort of make me grin...I know - I'm horrible), but rather means that if anyone of us sees a spider we will probably run and get her to show it to her. Again, I know this is horrible.

I found this out because yesterday she was on the toilet doing her business and I was doing dictation and heard through my ear phones, "Mom! Spider!" so loudly that I'm sure the neighbors heard her, too. I went in there to see what the deal was and she was darn near completely in the toilet bowl cringing to get away from said intruder. I look to where she's pointing near frantically and see something the size of this > * <...very slowly walking toward her. Now, I can see that she's obviously scared. She sweating profusely and trembling. However, I could not help laughing. She looks at me incredulously, probably thinking, "Are you seriously laughing at me? Don't you know this huge spider could rip my head off!?", but instead says, "Not funny, mommy! Make it dead!". So, I comply.

After I smash it, I open up the tissue to show it to her and she continues to freak out (because, you know, spiders are capable of sustaining such a squish). I show her that the spider is, in fact, no longer with us and not to be afraid. Not until I throw it in the trash does she calm down and climb out of the toilet.

Ya, we're all going have fun with this one.


Kristina P. said...

This could have been written about my husband. He is such a wuss about spiders!

Sheri said...

LOL That is too cute. I also hate spiders, but I am capable of killing them now at least ;)

Purplepickle said...

Hey I am with Sam on this one! When you can hear those spiders walking or running toward you and you are stuck on the toilet! It is not funny! Ask Jon how many spiders he has had to dispose of for his mother! You had better not tease her cause it isn't funny. It is terrible to feel so helpless and frightened over something that you know you shouldn't. Please just help her get over it don't tease her or taunt her over those nasty creatures.