Monday, July 6, 2009

Hotel For Dogs

So, today, Austin and Alex had a really funny conversation. What made it funny is when you realize how extremely alike your kid is to you, or your spouse. This was so totally a moment where you could completely tell that Austin is his father's son.

Austin: Hey Mom? You remember that dog on Hotel For Dogs that only had three legs? I can't remember his you remember it?

Me: *thinks* Um, sorry honey, I don't even remember a dog with three legs. Maybe they called him 'old three legs'?

Austin: Yeah, maybe that's it.

Alex: How did he walk around with only 3 legs?

Austin: *proceeds to demonstrate the process*

Alex: You mean like this? *mimicks his brother and they are now both attempting a three legged walk*

Austin: Yeah, like that see.

Alex: Well did the dog die because he only had three legs?

Austin: *annoyed* You watched the same show I did! *rolls eyes*

That, right there my exactly something Jon would have said. Only he'd say it to me. I forget things all the time. It's not my fault, but I get the same response.

So funny.

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