Monday, February 9, 2009


Saturday, Jon and I worked out in the yard while the kids played. It was a lovely day. We were outside for about 4 hours. I pruned our grape vines and about 10 rose bushes. I'm not sure if it was the right time of year for pruning or not, but things were out of control. I wanted to take a chain saw to the apple tree, but wasn't brave enough. Jon climbed our biggest fig tree and really went to town on that one. He pretty much left the smaller fig tree alone. We were going to trim up the shoots on the plum tree that was cut down a while back, but decided not to...maybe it'll grow back someday. We got a lot done.

I wish I hadn't done any of it. Apparently, as it turns out I'm a softy. It doesn't matter that I work out all the time...I still pulled a muscle! I don't even know how I did it...and in my mid-section or side...I can't even tell which. Now, I don't know if you've ever done like, well 1,000 sit ups or crunches at once (ok, bad analogy since I've never done that...not even remotely close - well maybe in my lifetime), but I imagine that is what it feels like. I guess I didn't even realize before how much pulling this one muscle can effect your day to day stuff. Sitting hurts, walking, laying down (although not as much), just about anything hurts because of it. Yesterday it hurt like the dickens, in fact, I stayed home from church because I didn't want to gimp around like a ninnie.

And I guess I even knew the potiential for this, but it hurts even worse today! We tell people all the time after surgery that it can get worse, more swollen, hurt worse, etc. on the third day, so it shouldn't have surprised me...and actually tomorrow would be the third day. Ugh. I so totally don't look forward to pain worse than this tomorrow. Oh well...what do you do? I think I'll just curl up in a little ball and let the misery have me. Sounds good.


Stacey said...

lol... so dramatic! so how are you today? where are my nephews and neice hiding these days? talk later, love ya, s

Cory, Heather Alyssa and Owen Strasser said...

We need to come see your house.