Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Likes To" game

Likes To game.

Thanks Sheri for this idea, it is fun! Here's what you do:

Go to Google and type in your name with "likes to" in quotations after it (ex: "Rebecca likes to")
Write down the first 10 things that pop up.

Here's mine:

1. Rebecca likes to think about things. (sure do)

2. Rebecca likes to make detailed pencil drawings of the animals she enjoys so much. (

3. Rebecca likes to say "Every product has a story". (I guess every product does, but I don't say that.)

4. Rebecca likes to read. (spot on)

5. Rebecca likes to spend time with her family while tanning on the beach. (This first part I can absolutely agree to, but the last...not so much.)

6. Rebecca like to spend what little spare time she has reading, traveling and taking cooking classes. (I don't travel very often, and while I enjoy cooking classes I haven't taken too many of those either.)

7. Rebecca likes to party on Thursdays. (You all know me and Thursdays...I'm a crazy woman!)

8. Rebecca likes to think of her stash as a processing backlog. (I have a stash?)

9. Rebecca likes to keep up with the times by maintaining a great web site to interact with her fans, but she's not pleased by everything she sees in cyberspace. (This is so totally true!)

10. Rebecca likes to read, garden and travel. (again with the reading thing, but I do like to garden actually)

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meganconser said...

This is funny-- the second one on my list was "Megan Likes Sex"-- Uh, well, obviously I am not 9 months pregnant for nothing, BUT I don't feel like blogging about this. hee hee :o)