Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nothing of consequence

Yesterday Jon got home from work early, which hardly ever happens. So, instead of having to go out at all hours of the night, I went to get my deals early. This was nice for me. Although, I must say that the wait was much longer simply because apparently normal people shop much earlier than I do.

I got some good deals, but nothing particularly praiseworthy, meaning I didn't get anything for free this time. I did get Pop Tarts for .23 each. Not too bad...oh and fruit snacks the same price. I only went through and paid 5 times...I'm such a slacker.

It was good that I went through earlier though because one of the cashiers that I absolutely love needed help watching her little boy today, so he gets to come over and play for a few hours. He's a very pleasant little guy. It's nice to be able to serve her, instead of the other way around for once, even if it is her job to help me.

Alex and Sam were just fighting because we only have one pair of roller skates and they each wanted to skate. (I should inform you that their form of roller skating involves simply having the skates on their feet and standing in place.) They just resolved their conflict by deciding that they would each wear only one of the skates. I think they are beginning to realize that they are surprisingly more mobile with just one skate anyway. So funny.

Ok, now off to getting things done around here.

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Kristina P. said...

I love that they are each going to wear just one skate.