Saturday, February 21, 2009

A sore throat

(Note, the title of this post was previously "A sore throat and stinky carpet"...however, I've been informed that the meaning behind it could mean something entirely different...and MY innocent mind didn't even conjour up such a it's now changed so EVERYONE can feel better about it.)

I'm not sure whether or not I have a sore throat because the kids have been sick this week and now I'm getting it, or if it's because of being at the office all day yesterday.

Sometime between Friday evening and early Monday morning 1 week ago, a pipe burst at our office. How it burst is still unknown, but the damages are EXTREMELY horrible. The water continuiously ran until our suite was completely submerged in water, the entire length of the suite below us also completely submerged, and it was beginning to seep down to the 6th floor as well. So...even though we just went through an office remodel...we get to do it again! The carpets are completely ruined, of course, and the walls up to about waist high are torn out waiting to be replaced as well. All of our drug stock was completely ruined because of moisture. Fortunately, all the computers survived, but we lost a lot of stuff. It's really too bad.

Worse still, though...the 7th floor moved over here last year from another building because the floor above them over there flooded and thus flooded their floor. I bet they seriously consider a one room house next time. LOL Pretty awful.

Anyway, the office stinks. Really bad...although I was told that it aired out quite a bit over the few days before I came in. There were these HUGE fans and some sort of air quality devices running all day and it was really loud and crazy at the office yesterday - not just yesterday but all week actually.

Ok, kids are waking up and want food. I guess I better feed them.

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wendy said...

that is really awful --I hope you are not getting sick. We had a flood in our house once and had to get Utah Disaster Kleen-up over to clean it up. They had these big noisy fans also to dry things out. It was horrid!!!!!!!!!!!! water damage is devastating. and stinky