Monday, October 13, 2008

We finally heard from the home warranty people and we are getting our new dishwasher delivered next Monday. We'll likely have it installed next week some time, I'm hoping later in the day Monday or Tuesday. It cost us $55.00 for the deductible, which we already paid, and then $57.00 for the upgrade to stainless steel. I wish we could have gotten a nice payout, but I'm just happy we are getting a new dishwasher. It's depressing knowing that my dishes are piling up and having to do them by hand is both time consuming and annoying. In our last house I had to do dishes by hand for too long that I just don't want to relive it for even a week. Am I pathetic or what?

Something I thought was kind of interesting is that we can put an "add-on" onto our policy through Sears and get the warranty company pricing on our other appliances as well. Interesting...might be nice to see what it would cost us if we got a different stove, although the stove does work fine and I even have another stove in the garage...maybe I'll just not worry about that. Nice thought though...I guess if anyone needed a new appliance right now I could see what that cost would be through this for you and order it through me with the discount. Just a thought.

So much for getting all my dictation done this morning, work out in and a shower before noon. I spent entirely too much time on the phone trying to figure out the dishwasher thing.

It looks like on November 21st I'll be teaching a couponing class for the ward. I've never done a class in a great big group before so I'm hoping that things go well, kinda makes me nervous.

Ok, gotta get to work now.


Julie said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad the ward asked you to do a class. I can't wait to hear more. You're amazing!

Glad you'll have your dishwasher soon. I really don't know anyone that enjoys washing their dishes by hand. Kind of like going back to horse and wagon when you can drive a car.

Danielle said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog--I'm so glad you found us. I will be very interested to come to you coupon class--sounds great!