Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I don't know if I could be more frustrated today or not. I hate it when I get so consumed with things that I can't even think straight. My dishwasher was installed yesterday and it looks nice. However, when I ran a load yesterday, it's obviously not working properly or wasn't connected right because the kitchen flooded. I don't know what this means, but it really frustrates me. A tech came out today to inspect and since I had cleaned all the water up last night and things were dry, he couldn't tell where any leak could have occurred. So, he said I should try running the dishwasher again and see where the leak is coming from. I've no clue.

I ran it again, and once again water started coming out from underneath the cabinet and under the stove, no water is coming from the dishwasher area. avl;ijadl;fjal;ksdfjl;akfgl;akfglpjh!!!!

So, I've got to figure out what is going on here. I know that I'm the tallest when I'm on my knees, but when I kneel I get water all over myself. (That's my sorry attempt at humor right now.)

Alas, back to cleaning up more water. Grrrrrr.

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Julie said...

So, did he want you to just survive in ankle deep water until he could get there? Hmm. Let's think about this.

I hope this is resolved soon. Sorry you're having to endure it.