Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's the first of the week and I'm already behind and ahead!

So, usually on Tuesdays I am scrambling all day to get my coupons cut and organized so I can go through them and finish this weeks deals and also be going through the new food day to get the next weeks deals lined up. I'm not kidding, I start this on Monday and usually finish around Wednesday. Then, I scramble to get all my dictation done on Monday and Tuesday as well from the previous Thursday and Friday.

This week, however, I was playing catch up because Dr. Milne decided to send me his dictations last week late, which made the current week dictations run a little behind too. Not to mention that last week was my turn to teach preschool. It's not a big deal otherwise. So, this morning before noon I completed all of my dictations, even the stuff they sent me yesterday...so I'm ahead of the game.

Now all I have to do is cut last week's coupons and file them, then head to the store to get more papers to sort those ones and then go shopping for several hours tonight at both Albertson's and Safeway to get my deals. Did you know that the cost of the Sunday paper went up 50 cents? Completely bogus...irritates me. Oh well, I still save so much more that I won't really notice it, but annoying nonetheless.

I'll be back later to post more about the dishwasher, right now Sam is really tired and needs me to hold her. I love that.

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