Sunday, October 5, 2008

I loved and enjoyed conference so much. I really appreciated President Monson's talk about enjoying things now and being thankful for now because at some point in the future we'll crave the things we have now....although I'm not entirely sure I agree with the laundry part...I don't think I'll ever want that back when I don't have it....just the little bodies that occupied the clothes.

I'm certainly grateful for my family. I love my children so very much. I tell them everyday, more than they like to hear sometimes, that I do love them. They are so special and I've said it a thousand times before, but they are what makes me special.

My husband, the hard worker and forever student, is so wonderful. He is so patient with me most days....and most days I need that. It seems like I'm quick to loose it a lot these voice is raised and I've just had enough, but I know he still loves me despite of it all. The other evening while eating dinner he reached over and rubbed my shoulders. I felt like crying. Not because there was anything particularly worth crying over, but because he could tell I needed special attention. I so appreciate that about him. He's really a great man, the best man I've ever met in fact.

I am grateful I have the opportunity to watch my children grow up, while still having a little ground in earning money for the family. Being able to work on Friday's has been a blessing in many ways and I cannot count them all. Besides the fact that I do get to be a stay-at-home mom, I get to work and feel needed in a different way and that makes me feel important.

I have to admit I missed the second Saturday session so I'll watch it this week. Please ask me if I've done it yet when you see me, knowing you will will give me the motivation I need to do it and do it quickly. Thanks in advance for that. :)

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