Thursday, October 2, 2008

Today was a long day. Our power went out this morning. This is the first time that has happened since we have moved in the new house. Jon, fortunately, had woken up about 15 min earlier than normal and was in the shower already. I woke up instantly because our sleep number bed beeped, which is what it does when it is unpluged. It was only off for about 30 seconds. I reset the alarm to go off in an hour and a half from the 12:00am point, and went to bed. I woke up because Jon thought he would be a dear and change the time to the actual time. Well that broke the camel's back apparently and the alarm can't read the time right and started going off every 10 minutes instead. I tried to reset it after the second time, but was unsuccessful so I just got up....even though every fiber of my being was begging me not to. I had to get some dictation done yet and get my preschool things organized for class.

Preschool went well today, I felt like we accomplished a lot in a relatively short period of time, but the kids were more rowdy today than they were on Tuesday...not to mention that Samantha kept whinning about anything and everything, which was at times very distracting. Overall I think it went well and they learned something new...I know I did (I should have gone back to bed).

The rest of the day was busy. I can't tell you exactly what I did that was "busy" persay, but it was just busy. I cleaned up a lot of messes. Right as the last child left my house Samantha had her first accident in a long time...I think she thought she just had a little gas, but it was "lumpy gas" which she then had to stick her finger in and say, "Eww mom, poop". I said ok, don't touch anything and was rather loud at telling her because just as I said it she wiped her nose. So, she had a poopy bright green finger and nose. I was gagging and telling her to not touch anything else at the same time and so I'm sure the ladies from the preschool group thought it was a really rough day because now I was yelling at my kids! kinda funny now that I think about it. Anyway, so she got a bath.

Then later in the day she came downstairs asking me to help her wash her hands. I looked at her hands and as far as I could tell she just had water on them, it wasn't really sticky and didn't smell, but I took her word for it and washed her hands (can't be too careful around her). Only later did I realize what had happened. She went upstairs, opened the fridge and got out an egg. She cracked the egg, made an attempt to clean it up and pushed the yoke part under the wasn't completely hardened yet, so I lucked out.

Then Judy Mecham came over to the house to pick some more grapes (she's been the only member of the ward to do so) and we were chatting in the backyard when I thought I'd better check on the kids. I got as far as the garage when I noticed my neighbor, Peggy, walking over to our house with Samantha. She ecaped through the front door and went 4 houses up the street to a different neighbor's house when Peggy saw her. So I thanked her after my near heart attack and kept Sam in the backyard with me. (As soon as Jon got home we went out to get a chain for the front door.)

I am being lazy tonight and am not even going to attempt to use my $10.00 off $50.00 coupons. I'll probably go tomorrow night if I can get it together, but we'll have to see. I'll probably just be out until close on Monday and Tuesday night so I can use the coupon as a roll over on the next week's deals.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. I've got to get some more dictation done and then I'm going to go to bed early. I just can't stay awake tonight.

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Julie said...

What do you do with your grapes. I have some in my backyard as well. We picked some--they're concords--but I'm not really sure what I should do with them. Do you juice them or make jelly or something?

Still want to chat more with you about coupons. When are you available?