Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm thankful for steam cleaners

Today started off ok, and I guess is rounding the bend ok, too. It was a little nuts in the middle. This morning I helped Julie figure out some more things with coupons and that was fun. I then got a lot of other things done and accomplished today, but the day just got away from me. I didn't get a shower until early evening, which isn't necessarily uncommon. I did get about 10 loads of laundry folded and put away, the kids helped me pick up the living room and the hallway and partially cleaned their room. We got all the dirty laundry sorted and more loads started. All in all we got a lot done.

Finally after we got the chores done I decided to put a program on for the kids and take a shower. The night before I had to take one when Jon got home because the kids were too busy to be left alone. If it hadn't been for the fact that I had two visiting teaching appointments tonight I would have done the same thing tonight, but since I had plans I needed to shower. I put pork chops in the oven to start cooking so that when I put them on the grill I would know they were cooked all the way through. Then I got in the shower. My shower was nice and hot. Shortly after I got out, Austin came up the stairs and said that Sam and Alex had gotten some soap on the carpet. I get dressed and head downstairs......some soap doesn't begin to describe it.

Alex and Samantha were completely drenched in soap and water. They took the hand pump soap, used to wash after using the potty, from the downstairs bathroom and unloaded it onto the family room floor. Well, one of them, or perhaps both collaborated got a great idea to haul water into the living room and poor that on the floor to make it clean with bubbles. An entire 6x8' area was completely covered in water(we're talking gallons), soap and bubbles! If it hadn't been for the fact that I needed to be somewhere I would have gotten the camera to show the world my inventive children.

I stripped both children and put them in the bath, went downstairs (fortunately I still had Teresa's steam cleaner that I borrowed last week) and proceeded to clean the nice freshly cleaned carpet. I'm glad now that it was a clean floor at least so I didn't have to wipe down things as well as clean the carpet. I went back upstairs to check on the naughty children and found that they had unloaded two bottles of shampoo, one of which is REALLY smelly men's shampoo. Sam was covered head to toe in the stuff. I didn't have time to wash them with regular soap so I rinsed them off and sent them to find clothes for themselves. Meanwhile I take out the chops and start the pasta, and at this point I don't even have time to grill it as well because I'm already running late for my first appointment.

Jon came home and I had to leave instantly with him to finish supper and take care of the rotten ones, who I'm sure no doubt would be great for him.

Visiting teaching was nice and refreshing, I have a great companion and quite lovely sisters to teach, actually who I have no doubts will teach me a thing or two. :)

Just another day in the Garver household. It's just a really good thing that I have a lot of everything all the time (to replace all the things that get spilled, broken, misplaced, abused, etc.) or maybe that is the problem....

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