Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ok, so another tech came out to figure out the dishwasher and did! Apparently the top of the dishwasher when assembled didn't get tightened down. The guy had to turn it more than 4 full turns to tighten it all the way. I've ran two cycles and no water has leaked. Yippie! All in a days work. I think that it is the customer service people that just make things so much worse. I've been on the phone talking to them several times over the last day and a half and they just gave me the run around so many times that it just frustrated me beyond belief. Then, when you are talking to people who just don't move quickly enough when you have water everywhere, it tended to make me a little on edge. (The last lady told me that she couldn't get a tech out here until Friday afternoon, to which I replied, "I'm sorry, but that isn't reasonable, please call me back when you have a better answer for me later today." *Click*) Not to mention that Sam woke up with a fever and runny nose...again, which makes her very CranKy. Oh well, all is well now.

I'd better get some more dictation done before I get even further behind. :)

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