Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ok, so last night I posted the cereal deal a bit too late. So, the screaming hot deal for the week is the Albe's deal using Fred Meyer coupons. The chip deal is this: use one FM coupon 3 bags for $5.00....but, Albe's deal is BOGO right you get 6 bags of Lays chips for $5.00...without any manu coupons.

Deal 2: for the DiGiorno pizzas, use the FM coupon that says you can buy up to 4 for $3.99 each...Well, Albe's has a deal right now that if you buy 4 for $20.00 you get an instant $5.00 off. So, when combined together you should spend $10.96 for 4 pizzas.

I got 6 bags of chips and 4 pizzas today for $15.96...without using any manu coupons (because there aren't any...I checked)...which is a screaming hot deal...especially considering that if you just bought the 4 boxes of pizza the sale price at Albe's would be $15.00 right now...and for .96cents more I got 6 bags of chips. Nice.


Sheri said...

We don't have an Albe's around here. Those are good deals though!

The Garver Family said...

Sorry, that's me being very lazy, but when I say Albe's I mean you have one of those?

Sheri said...

Albertson's nope. There were some in FL when I lived there, but not anywhere near here in AL.

Oh, P.S. - Tag you're it!