Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ah...the power of lipstick.

I'm not writing this to toot my own horn, so please don't misinterpret...but I just found it rather humorous, actually. I would say 5 days out of the week I wear make up. It makes me feel better and just a little more polished and put together. I do it for me, and sometimes for Jon, I guess.

At church today, I wore make up (a little eyeshadow and mascara and big thing), and even lipstick. I should say that I almost never wear lipstick anymore because it's just a hassle. The only lipstick that I wear, if I wear it at all, is the 12 hour kind...the kind you put on once in the morning and it's there in the evening...stays on after eating, drinking,'s very durable. Well, I just got some new lipsticks because, of course, I had a coupon and they were having a sale at Fred Meyer and I could get two for the price of one...and I think that $10.00 for 1 lipstick is crazy and not worth it. So, since I've been out of my 12 hours lipstick for over a year now, I thought it was a good idea to get some now.

Anyway, you would not even believe how many people told me today how pretty I was. Cracks me up. A few people said that maybe it was the way I wore my hair or the sweater I had on, but that I looked very pretty and nice. Similarly, the same thing happened to me at work a couple of weeks ago, in fact, that time was quite embarassing, because my boss - bless his heart - actually stopped surgery to tell me how pretty I looked and then proceeded to tell the assistants to look at me (during surgery no less) as if he needed back up. What do you say during a situation like that...I got.."um, ya, you look really pretty, Rebecca".

So, advice for all the ladies out there...put lipstick on! Cracks me up, but if you want to feel better about yourself, apparently lipstick is the way to do it.

Also, I'm doing better. So far, it's been two solid days without any attacks. And, today's Relief Society lesson about the Holy Ghost and the how, who, when, why, what's about it was really awesome. Helped put things into perspective a lot, and once again gave me a lot to think about. Heidi is such an inspired woman and I'm so very grateful for her.

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Lark said...

*laugh* that is good to know. I think I need to invest in some new lipstick. :)
I am truly heart sick with the problems you and Jon are facing. You are right it is not something any parent should have to deal with. I love you sis. Keep praying and following the Lord's council. Things will turn out right in the end.
We love you and keep you in our thoughts and prayers. We all miss you! We wish we were closer so we could play games, spend time together and help out in times of sorrow more. Major *hugs* to you.