Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hair cut update.

Well, no picture to post, I'm sorry to say. If only you could have seen what it turned out like. MORTIFYING!!! I've never, in all my life had a worse hair cut. At least when I was 6 and my mom literally shaved my head bald and people thought I was a boy, it was even...all over even, like clipper guard 3 even. What happened to me yesterday can only be described as hideous. But, since it is somewhat fixed now, I can laugh.

However, this morning, after being told by a teenage boy that it looked like I had a mullet...well I'm sure you can guess....and here's the thing. I'm such a nice person that when, in the chair, I knew it wasn't turning out good, I very kindly told the lady I thought it looked different than I expected. She argued with me telling me that it was what I told her I wanted. HELLO!!?!? Are you KIDDING me?! Why would anyone want that? But, I just put it up in a ponytail and left...after all I had a lot of other things to get done.

Today, imagine my horror, when after blow drying my hair I find it completely uneven and it looks like she tried to give me a bob, but decided at the last minute that she didn't want to follow through with it completely. So, I called the salon and asked if I could come in and have it corrected, they asked why and I said because it looked horrible (which was awfully polite of me).

When I walked in, they IMMEDIATELY knew that I was the one who called. The sweet gal there who corrected my hair, I could tell, really wanted to do a good job for me to correct this mess. After several minutes of looking through some books to see what the possibilities were, she began the correction. She said that if all else failed that she would do a bob, which I honestly don't mind, I just would rather have hair on my neck because it's cold outside. So, she did the best she could and I think it turned out better. My left side, although better, still leaves something to be desired, but she said that since the previous hair cut was so badly done, there was little she could do with that. But, good thing is that if I put may hair behind my ear, you can't really tell.

I guess I really needed a good laugh today. Oh, and you know what? Of course I needed someone to watch my kids for me while I went to get this taken care of, so my friend Theresa very willing agreed. I didn't know at the time that the price to pay for that sweet service was going to be uncontrollable laughter at my expense. I didn't think she would ever stop laughing and the only comfort she could offer me was that hair grows back...nice.

Seriously, it's not that


Sheri said...

Bad haircuts are the worst! I'm glad they were able to correct it for you for the most part. :)

Jen said...

I hope they gave you your money back!

meganconser said...

OK- so where did you go? We need to know NOT to go there. Can't wait to see it on Sunday. :o)