Monday, January 12, 2009


I've finally put away the Christmas tree and decorations today. It was a few weeks coming, but I so love Christmas time and thought that if I could but enjoy Christmas a bit longer, I would feel worked somewhat, I guess.

Then, after that, I vacuumed the entire upstairs and cleaned the kitchen. Then I did my work and worked out! I paid bills (anyone see a theme going here...perhaps working off a list...). All of that while listening to wonderful music, the soundtrack of August absolutely awesome movie and soundtrack.

Ok, so maybe the cleaning didn't have anything to do with the fact that my house was dirty, which it - admittedly - kind of was, but more to do with the realization that the missionaries are coming over for dinner tonight and I thought it best to entertain them in a cleaner environment. Regardless, it does feel better around here. Now, if only I could will myself to clean my office...but I fear that is simply a loss cause.

Sunday school was very thought provoking. I'm sure I scared Heather, who happened to be unfortunate enough to sit next to me, by my quiet but forceful torrent of tears. She must have thought I was nuts. While the lesson wasn't anything unusual, in my current situation and state, it was very humbling. I was certainly edified and uplifted, although from the look on my face afterwords I'm sure I appeared grieved, or else I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten so many pats on the back and "Are you ok?"'s...and I'm sorry to say that each of those brought on another wave of tears to be reckoned with...only for the fact that it is nice to know that so many people are aware and care.

But, enough about that, I've got to figure out for once and for all what to make for dinner. I'm toying with homemade turkey burgers with all works, or spaghetti...but how to decide on two very wonderfully tasty things?

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Tonya said...

Doesn't it just feel so great to cross the next thing off your list? I always feel so good after a day of accomplishing my many tasks. Way to go! I have been the biggest blog slacker lately, both posting and reading, but I am back in action:0)