Sunday, January 11, 2009

Grocery deals

It has been too long since I went and did a big haul...and while I spent a little more than I typically would, I have to consider that the last few months my grocery budget has been next to nothing...even by my standards. I think that I've spent less than $75.00-100.00/month since October, or something crazy like that. So, here's the haul for tonight:

8 Reusable grocery bags
1 10 pack box popcorn
8 Kllgg Fruit Snacks
2 Dots Elements candies
1 2lb Tillamook cheese
1 cubed Tillamook butter
12 pack Condoms
2 loaves bread
4 jars Skippy peanut butter
20 bottles of Ocean Spray cran-grape/cranberry juice
20 boxes Capri Suns
10 boxes Snack Munch variety packs (cookies, ritz crackers, etc.)
Ground turkey
15lbs of Hamburger
3lbs chicken breast
2lbs shrimp
8lbs apples
8 pop tarts
HUGE package Bounty 12 rolls
48 rolls Charmin toilet paper
2 Dove 6 pack soap
10 slim fast 8 pack drinks
6 packages Pampers Easy up pull ups

I should have spent $504.10, but instead I spent $117.68. The diaper deal will be going on through Tuesday get out there and get it at get any packages of Pampers that are marked $10.00, buy 3 packages and spend $30.00, but you'll get 4 catalina coupons for $5.00 each ($20.00 back)...then roll it if you want to stock up on diapers. There are coupons out there for pampers as well, so if you got them use'll still get your cats back.

All in all, it was a very fun night...took Theresa and I about 3 hours to complete, but we talked and had fun while we were at it...and still made it home before mid-night so as not to ruin our Sunday. :)

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