Tuesday, January 27, 2009


For once, it would be really nice for us to all be well together. I can hardly remember the days.... We've been battling fevers that come and go, and a horrible cough now for several weeks. Now, today I took Sam to the doctor and she has duel ear infections. It's never ending. Hopefully the antibiotics will help her feel markedly better.

Other than that, we're trucking along. A lot of eventful things happened in the last week, some of which I've already discussed here and others I will not discuss. All in all, however, we're good. Besides this cold stuff, my spirit is high and my heart full.

I really appreciate my visiting teachers. Caitlin was able to watch the boys for me yesterday while I had a situation that I thought would be impossible for me to face alone - since Jon was at work and unable to make it. I had the Lord with me and was able to communicate effectively and it turned out not as bad as I thought it would be...and this brings me nearer to closing this chapter of my life that I don't particularly ever wish to revisit. I'm grateful that I can trust Caitlin and appreciate her service.

But, once again, I'm stalling...a little. I've got to get my work out in, especially since yesterday I didn't. Here I go!

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