Monday, September 15, 2008

This morning Brenda (our neighbor) took Austin to school on account that Alex and Samantha were so soundly asleep that I felt waking them was not warranted...they must have really needed the extra rest. Anyway, she took him to school and he left his lunch bag in her car. He called me at the start of school and was nearly crying he was so upset he had left it. I told him to just buy his lunch at school today and it would be ok. He is so independent now and it's just weird. He's gotten a lot bigger all of a sudden and I keep telling him that he needs to knock it off. He just thinks I'm silly, but I'm serious! Time has gone by too quickly. I really enjoy watching him learn new things, but it really is going by too fast. He's such a little sweetheart and I appreciate this time in his life on account that I know it won't last very long, as I've been told by numerous mothers of preteen/teenagers. :(

My plan today is to just get dictation done and a little house cleaning and prepare for FHE. We'll see if I manage to do that. I've already done my workout, had my visiting teachers over, did dishes and played with Alex and Sam. Not to mention all the other things mothers do without even realizing it, just to keep things moving along.

Have I already mentioned that Sam is a clothes freak? She must put on about 12 outfits per day now. She is so into clothes and shoes. It's really pretty funny. She has to have this on and that on and this and that, and quite frankly it is exhausting on account of all the extra laundry I have to do now because of her new interest. She is also really enjoying her new toddler bed. She saw it for the first time and said, "my pretty princess bed". It was so cute. She's stayed in bed for her naps and at night and hasn't gotten up to roam around, which is what I was really worried about and why I didn't put up the bed for so long. I'm very proud of her.

Ok, off to get things done. :)

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qdee said...

well now i know that some things are just in the blood because Sicily changes her clothes all the time and they have never met. Unbelievable isn't it, they are certainly later, s