Saturday, September 20, 2008

As if our lives aren't crazy enough these days with school, preschool, speech therapy, school for Jon, we've decided to sign up Austin for basketball. He'll have practices every Tues and Thurs evening and practices on Saturdays as well as games on Saturday. So, if anyone wants to come to support Austin, we would love to have you there. Once I get a schedule and times and places I'll post it. At first he didn't want to do it, but then thought again and decided it would be really fun, besides he's actually pretty good.

Another crazy thing in our house is that Samantha is 99% potty trained now. She only wears a pull up at night, or when we go out...but she hasn't had an accident in at least a week now. I was debating getting her a potty chair because I thought it might be easier for her, but she gets up on the big potty all by herself. She started really taking the initiative to do it on her own earlier this week. She had a bout of diarrhea this week and she must have gotten herself on the potty at least 20 times over a few days and didn't even have one accident. I was very impressed. She comes and gets us and says, "ew mom, poop in toilet" we go to inspect and sure enough it's staring at us in all its glory. She just hasn't figured out that she needs to wait for mom or dad to help her wipe. She just drops and runs. But hey, I'm glad she's going now.

I've been sick, really the only one with a terrible head cold. I don't know for the life of me where I could have gotten it, but I did. No one else is sick, which is a blessing and curse. A blessing because I don't have to take care of sick people and be sick, a curse because I'll probably be feeling well next week and having to take care of sick people. What do you do?


Jen said...

Taylor is mostly potty trained now. She will not poo in the potty. She tells me she has to poop and sits, but does nothing. Then without fail 5 min later she has gone in her pants! Jess in next. I tried to do them both at the same time, but Jess wouldn't ever go. Now he likes to go again:)

Rylie said...

Hey!I found your blog:0) Kid sports take up so much time, but it is so fun to watch the kids out there running around, staying active and hanging out with teammates. I hope he loves it. Ivy is at the 99% potty trained point in her life too. She won't stay consistent with not peeing in her pull up at night though, so I am not ready to attack the night time training yet. Sorry the yuckies have hit your house. I am NOT ready for all the fall and winter sicknesses that i'm sure we will suffer through. YUCK! I swear by a product called Emergen-C. We started using it last year and I am a believer that it knocks those bugs out of your system.

Tonya said...

Oh! That was me Tonya. That is my daughters blog above:0)