Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm still not entirely sure about waking up this early in the morning. It's totally bizarre to me that anyone would willingly wake up at this hour to start their day...wake up at 6:15am I mean...about 8am isn't so bad and totally understandable. Anyway...

Alex starts preschool tomorrow. He's very excited. I must admit I'm excited, too. He's headed off to speech therapy today and so our week will be very busy. Speech therapy on Monday, preschool on Tuesday and Thursday. It's good to be busy though. I've already done the rest of the dishes from last night's dinner, done one load of laundry, made lunches, recorded dictation and made breakfast. Now I'm headed to a work out and shower before I actually do the dictation and head off to take Alex to speech therapy.

All is well and we are blessed.

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