Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another haircut for Sam

So, today Sam got a hold of the scissors and cut her own hair this time. No accomplices. This was very unfortunate indeed because there was no clip that was going to do the trick this time. So, I took her in to get her hair fixed. Man is it ever short. I told the hair dresser that I had little expectations because I know she had little options. I just had one request and that was that I didn't want her to have a mullet...which is what I was certain she was going to have to have. Instead the gal cut Sam's hair so short that when Jon saw her he said, "I have three little boys now!"...bad bad bad.

Rest assured, she's still quite cute and lovely. It will grow back...someday.

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Tonya said...

OH NO! It will grow. What a little sneaky girl:0) One time I had to cut many inches off of Sophia's hair because of a little pair of baby toe nail scissors that she got her hands on. Yikes!