Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So, today I was looking at Sam and she didn't look quite right to me. I wasn't sure what the deal was, but I took a long hard look to get to the bottom of it. It only took a few minutes when I noticed that some of her hair was missing. By golly...her hair had been cut! The culprit, not Sam herself, but Alex! That little stinker cut Samantha's hair. So I called my Theresa to tell her how upset I was about what I just discovered and you know what she said/did? She laughed, so hard no doubt she had tears coming down her cheeks. I kept telling her that this wasn't funny by any means, and you know what she did? She laughed HARDER! So, now I'm laughing at this point and realize that it's only hair. YES, I'm a little miffed that her sweet little bob now looks like a mushroom cut on one side of her head, but with a little crafty clippiness, I can pull it back and it looks reasonably normal. Hopefully it grows out enough for family pictures in December. I can be thankful he didn't take her finger off or part of her ear I guess.


Tonya said...

That has happened in our house a few times. I am the master at "blending" if you need some help:0) Those blasted scissors!

Julie said...

Sam's such a cutie that I'm sure her hair doesn't even matter. Thank goodness it grows. It is frustrating, though.

Hey, I want to thank you for all the tips on the coupons. Would you be willing to send me those links that were on that piece of paper? Or just email that info to me. If you need my email address, it's on the ward list on the ward website. Thanks again Rebecca!

Julie said...

Hey Rebecca, I've tagged you on my blog.