Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight take 2

Ok, so I promised my friend I would go to Twilight with her today and I saw it a second time. I told myself that I would look at it new and objectively without thinking constantly about what they were doing differently in the book.

The conclusion is that I love it! It was actually a very good movie, I actually enjoyed Rob's performance better this time and it was so much more a pleasant experience.

I'm thrilled that they are going to do a second movie now. I can't wait! :)

So if you were debating on whether or not to see it from my last post, ingore it and watch was very good, and there were scenes that were very sweet, that I didn't necessarily allow myself to appreciate the first time - I'm sure that was partly due to the screaming girls...(this time there were only older women and some men, but we kept ourselves in check a lot better).

So there.

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