Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We all have them. Children who fervently believe they are monkies....today that child for me is Sam. She's been climbing on everything! I just don't even understand the thinking behind some choices. Logically, one would think that if you pulled out a drawer, which was already heavy with cds and dvds, and stood in said drawer and hopped up and down that it would be too much for that cabinet to handle. Well, obviously it was not logical to my 2-year-old. I heard a muffled crash and thought better to not ignore it (Sometimes I sigh thinking of all the times I have to rush out of my seat during the day to tend to an emergency...who needs to actually plan time to work out?) and rushed to see what the damage was. Totally irritated that people can't keep their hands on their own things around here, I was probably stomping toward the disaster. I found Sam crying and saying over and over, "I'm sorry, mommy!" How can I honestly be upset with her? What a sweetheart. She knew she had made the mistake, I just wish that it would have been before she knocked over the entertainment dresser/cabinet. Oh well, who needs electronics anyway? We need simpler times. I just hope no actual damage was done and thank goodness that the TV cord didn't get wrapped up in the mess and came flying off the wall...I shudder to think of it.

Ok, crisis contained and alas, things are reasonably back into their regular position. Off to organize my coupons and play with Alex and Sam.

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Julie said...

I've got one, and I've never had one before. Today, as I was saying, "Don't do that," as he was pinching his fingers in the hinged side of the door as he closed it. Ugh! I guess the consequences are the only thing that will teach this kid.

I'm sorry that you have one too. Just so hard to get anything done when you have to police the little one.