Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight 2 cents worth....

Look at me..getting all fancy and putting a picture in my post and everything. That man is just yummy.

Ok, so I saw the movie. I don't know where to begin. First of all, did I like it....sort of. Will I buy the movie when it comes on DVD? Probably.

I thought that Kristen Stewart did a great job protraying Bella. Keep in mind that I LOVE Rob Pattinson...but I didn't necessarily enjoy his interpretation of Edward. Of course, Edward is like, the most classy, wonderful, beautiful vampire man in the known world....and I imagine it would be very hard, if not impossible, for any actor to fill those shoes. Having said that, do I think that he could have still done a better job...absolutely. Is this going to take away from Rob Pattinson as an actor in my eyes? No, not really...I still really like him. There was still something left to be desired, in my opinion (and we all know how desirable Edward is)....sigh.

So, what it comes down to is that I hope that a ton of people go to see this movie and that they make a ton of cash so that the next movies will be absolutely above and beyond what this should have been. There were funny parts, overacted parts that were totally laughable (not in a good way laughable) when Edward "smells" Bella for the first time, when I read the book I pictured Edward grimacing, but having a lot more composure than Rob protrayed him in the film, he honestly looked like he was going to barf, but the Edward I think of would never show weakness in that way.

I don't was good...but bad at the same time. I just don't know what to think. Things were sort of thrown out of place a lot. The kiss scene was really good, but again, the book did it so differently and I think that they could have just followed that part a bit better.
It was good, it was just not what I expected. I understand that they have to cut a lot out, but come on....Hollywood should know with this fan base that we'd be willing to sit through an 8 hour movie....well, 6 hours at least. So really they don't need to cut so much out next time. LOL

Blah...I just don't know what to think on this one. I'm at a loss for any more words.


vaxhacker said...

So is Edward more classy than, say, Lestat de Lioncourt?me

Julie said...

I'm glad for your interpretation, Rebecca. I love what you said about lots of people seeing it. I hope they get into production soon, so Rob doesn't age too much.

Yep, you're right, I would have sat through an 8 hour movie for this one. Probably with no potty breaks either. Yikes!~

Cory, Heather Alyssa and Owen Strasser said...

It would be fun to come to your house.

The Garver Family said...

Vaxhacker...I must say that you lost me at "L"...I had no idea to whom you were referring as I've never read Anne Rice. The Twilight books would normally not be something I would typically read, I mostly read Jack Weyland type books and then an occasional crime/thriller novel..I only started reading the Twilight books because I'd heard they were really good and because Julie had them and she raved about them. So, of course, you had to school me a bit such that I was forced to look up Lestat de Lioncourt on the net to see if I could answer your question. Only from what I found online I would say that they have similar tastes in music and reading, but as far as fashion (although Edward is fashionable) I imagine Alice has more to do with it than Edward. Edward also prefers only women, well that's not even true, he only prefers Bella. As far as classy, maybe that wasn't the right word, even though he is admirably smart and's more he has a certain composure that cannot be under estimated (as was not necessarily protrayed in the film). He is also in a different class than the rest of the people of Forks because he is not one of maybe classy is the right word here. I don't know how to explain it. Edward in my opinion, is not haughty either, well maybe a little bit when you get into the series further, but still that's forgiveablle because it's Edward. Did I answer your question well enough?

vaxhacker said...

Thanks for such a thorough answer! Actually, I have to admit I haven't read Anne Rice either, I just hear so many people raving on about all her vampire books, and how Lestat is so this and that... so I was curious how Edward stacked up against him as a prototype.