Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So tonight I went to Safeway to do some deals, this is what I got.

10 packages of Always maxi pads
12 packages of Stayfree maxi pads
17 packages of Oscar Meyer hot dogs
11 20 count packages of Electrolsol gel pack dishwashing tablets
2 gallons milk
15 boxes of the Betty Crocker Supreme brownie mixes (variety)

Kind of a light order tonight, I meant to do more, but I think the cashiers got tired of me coming through their lines...so I should have spent exactly $275.00 on all of that, however, I spent....OH Wait a minutes...they paid me $9.60!

That's a good deal if ever I saw one! I was kind of bummed though because I was planning on doing the Windex deal, but they were out and the deal ended today so a rain check wouldn't have worked, but the deal was to get 26 bottles of Windex for 37 cents!..bummer I didn't get that one.

Tomorrow night I'll work the new ad and see what I can get from that and then get the rest of my groceries for the next month. I'll be going pretty much every night until the $10.00 off $50.00 expire next Tuesday. What I've been doing is getting my shopping done each month at the first of the month so that I can utilize the $10.00 off $50.00 at Safeway. Unless there is a screaming hot deal the rest of the weeks in between I don't go to the store. It worked out pretty well last month and my grocery bill for the entire month was about $120.00. Not too shabby considering I got food storage with that budget as well. With my totals tonight I'll get gas tomorrow at the Safeway gas station and get 30 cents off/gallon. That will be nice....every little bit helps.

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Jen said...

why do you have to buy so much of a product?? Just wondering