Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fun in the sun.

Today we played at the park with a Fountain and everything. The boys and Sam had a ton of fun. Then we played over at the monkey bars, etc. and Alex, bless his little heart, can cross the monkey bars without assistance now. I'm so proud of him. Sam was playing and let me know when she needed to go potty, and even went poop in the toilet at the park. I was very impressed...once again no accidents today so far.

After that we went to Theresa's house and played over there. They have one of those gigantic inflatable swimming water slides/pools and the kids loved it. They thought it was the greatest thing, although I think they were a bit cold. They played outside for several hours today all together and I think are a bit relieved to be inside playing with toys. Sam crashed pretty hard on the way home. It was really fun.

I'm getting ready to make dinner. We're going to grill some bobs with beef, green bell pepper, mushrooms, squash, tomatoe, potato, and carrots. Then we'll eat it with caeasar salad. Should be yummy. :)

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qdee said...

sounds like a great day, we just been sitting around the last few days, need to get out more. hehehe, later hope to see you all this summer. s