Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yesterday, I taught Austin how to ride his bike! He was never too great at riding with his training wheels, and I've asked him for a long time to just try it without the training wheels, but he kept saying no. So, yesterday he came to me and asked if he could try it. At first I just held onto the back of the bike, but he fell over once and said it wasn't working. The next time I held onto his seat and his handle bars and told him to feel it out, and I let go. He's been riding ever since...and it took all of 5 minutes to learn. I'm proud of him.

Today, he was really excited and wanted to show the boys he can ride his bike, and pummeled Sam. I mean the poor girl (Austin too) has scrapes from head to foot. Sam got the worst of it though, her entire right leg is raw and meaty and her back is scraped in a couple of places, her poor little neck is all scraped up as well. She's such a tough girl. I was at work when it happened so I don't know all the details other than Austin ran her over with his bike and then biffed it himself. Alex was MIA and unharmed.

I got some brown paint for an accent wall, the wall behind the TV. I tried putting red on it, but the square I painted took 3 coats and I think that it could use at least another 2 coats. I put the brown on and it is nearly covered, so 2 coats will be more than enough. I might still use the red paint in the hallway, it's a much smaller space to cover and if it takes the whole can I won't worry too much.


Lark said...

That's awesome he is riding a bike! Good job Austin.
Glad everyone is doing well. Hope Sam heals and doesn't have any fear of bikes. :)
You guys get your tv delivered yet? You will have to let us know how you like it and how cool the PS3 is!!

qdee said...

can't wait to have a few pics of the house, been waiting and waiting. hope all is well, s