Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our 11th Wedding Anniversary

Today we had our 11th Wedding Anniversary. It was very low key and a great day. We were going to plan a trip to the beach but decided that neither one of us wanted to drive that long and it wasn't going to be super hot here, which means that it wasn't going to be hot at the beach. Instead we went to the mall and shopped around.

Last night we got our anniversary present to ourselves. We weren't planning on doing anything, but it's funny how kids kind of force things on you sometimes. Let me explain...

Wednesday Austin and Alex were watching a cartoon on TV downstairs and the Dish froze or something of the sort, which froze the screen. It really made Austin mad. I mean it REALLY mad him MAD. So, it's still unclear what exactly happened, Austin kicked or punched the TV to attempt to make it work. In doing so, he put a crack in the TV that is 1 1/2 - 2 FEET long. Mind you, it already had a fist size crack in it from when Alex hit it about a year ago. So, after watching it for awhile with one side of the screen one color and the other side another color we decided that we would go to look for a new TV.

Hence the reason for our anniversary present. We got a nice Samsung HDTV. It is the top of the line brand new TV that has programs integrated into it, such as cooking shows, fitness shows that are tailored for all sorts of things, kids shows, artwork slides, etc. It has a special color frame thingie and the works. It's crystal clear. So, since we got that fancy smancy of a TV, we had to have a DVD player that does Blu Ray, right? So we got a Playstation 3 package that includes the 80gig hard drive and comes with 2 games. I hate to even mention how incredibly huge it is because that would imply that we spent a fortune on it (which we did), however, we did save over $1500.00 by getting things together in a bundle...and you all know how much I like to save money. LOL

We're going to be scrambling all week to get the paneling torn down and the room painted downstairs so when they come to install it it'll be ready for it. They are going to fish the wires through the wall to avoid anything dangling, should be pretty nice. We'll see how we manage to get it all done considering I'm working Mon-Wed and then we have plans on Thursday next week and are camping next Friday and Saturday.

Now I have to rush to the store to get some things before the boys come over next week again to watch the kids. I'll be working Mon, Tues and Wed and a couple of hours on Friday next week. Hey, gotta pay off that TV right?

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qdee said...

great ann. and congrats by the way. it is strange how fast life flies by, 11 years. jaden was one. I recall everything by the age of one of my children. hehehe. anyway good to know all is well. think you could share a few photo's? i am starting to wonder if you have kids at love to you all s