Monday, July 14, 2008

Both cute and sad

So, the other day I went through some of Austin's great artwork from school. I found some really great pieces, two of which I could frame nicely. So, I did. They turned out lovely. I'll have to post some pictures tomorrow or sometime. Anyway, I didn't tell the kids that I was doing that, Sam was helping me by getting into things, but she didn't really know what I was doing. Anyway...the boys later, I think even days later, noticed them hanging on the wall. I put them up in the storage room to get them off the floor so they wouldn't get broken, but the intended place will either be downstairs or in the entry hall by the front door. Austin and Alex marveled at how cool they looked and Austin was really proud that I would put up his pictures from Kindergarten. Alex asked me at the time why none of his pictures hadn't been framed and put up, and I realized that he hasn't done any as he hasn't gone to preschool yet or made any pictures at Speech Therapy yet. So...the next day Alex wanted to draw some pictures. He's very creative and drew me some nice pictures and gave them to me. I thanked him and praised him for how wonderful they were and then promptly put them on the counter. Well, I had every intention of putting them on the frige since they were on notebook paper and only about 3x5, just not at that moment because I had chicken all over the place trying to get it into freezer bags. What he apparently did later was take the picture of his choice (for there were many made that day) and found a nail that was low enough he could reach and poked a hole in his picture and put it on the nail so that he could contribute to our artwork display. It was so darn cute. But then of course, I felt kinda bad because I didn't realize he only made the "artwork" in the first place so that I would recognize him and frame his things too. It was so cute and unexpected that I thought I'd let everyone know how much of a darling little sweetie pie he is...sometimes.

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