Monday, August 4, 2008

Nothing really new to post these days. I went to the doctor today because of techinical difficulties, so hopefully I hear the results of my tests by tomorrow or Thursday. My friend watched the kids so that I wouldn't have to drag them along.

I'll be working tomorrow, which means I have to get all my coupons in order so I can do my deals in the evening tonight and tomorrow after work.

I'll be posting pictures of the downstairs soon and I'm sure you'd all be surprised at how nice it looks. It looks like a new home and smells like one too down there. The rest of the house, unfortunately, still smells like old man. I'm hoping that once the carpet is cleaned it will improve things a lot. Jon's done some really nice work.

Gotta run, I've got to start some dinner in a bit.

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Lark said...

I look forward to seeing the pics. Hope everything will go well with the doctor's.