Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yesterday was Alex's 4th Birthday. We are going to have his birthday party on Saturday and he has quite a few of his little friends who will be coming, which will be nice for him. We went to dinner and it was really good, except Sam was in rare form and was completely horrible. She is normally fine when we go out to eat, but this time she just whined and groaned the entire time. It was stinky.

Alex got Incredible Hulk gloves. He's so darn cute, they go nearly up to his elbows and one makes noise when you hit it. He went around punching everyone one and then hitting the ground with brute's a good thing they are significantly padded. hehe

Austin is going to be gone a couple of hours today to a skate party for a friend of his, Rachel. He made her a birthday card and got her a poster kit with glitter pens, etc. I think that she should really like it. I didn't know what else to suggest he get her because she is well advanced for her age (age 6 or 7) and is just a little genius. I remember teaching his class in Sunday school a while back and she seemed to like coloring and was really pretty good at it. Who knows.

So, since I'll have one less kid today I was thinking of going to Old Navy and picking up the last little things we need for school this year. I have a 20% off coupon and want to put it to good use. :) We already have most everything we need so far though, so it won't hurt if I have to get something for myself. (Hey, I know I have everything I need too, but it won't hurt, right?)

Another plan I have for today is to organize my food storage stuff, I plan on a garage sale sometime soon and have to have things ready so I can pick through it and sell what I don't need or want.

Enough for now.

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