Saturday, August 30, 2008

Camping Fun.

We got back yesterday from our camping trip. We had a great time. The kids had a blast. We stayed in a very tiny cabin up at Mt. Hood Village Resort. The cabin was just big enough for us and our things, but that was about it. It was quaint and cute. The first day we went we unloaded some things and then walked around the camp ground a bit, it is really big and just beautiful out there. Then we went over to the pool. The kids loved the pool! The first time we went we didn't bring any of the floaties that we bought because we weren't sure exactly how it was going to work out of if the kids would even want to stay for very long. We should have just brought them. The kids wanted to spend the rest of our trip either in the pool or hot tub. Alex gave us a scare the first 1/2 hour or so because he just decided he wanted to jump in the middle of the pool. It was 5 feet deep max, but he's not 5 feet. I had Samantha and Jon was playing with Austin. I couldn't get to Alex without dropping Sam, and Jon didn't hear me at first tell him that Alex was drowning, so Alex just sank. Jon did get to him after a couple of seconds, and then Alex was scared to death the rest of the time we were there in the pool, except the second day we brought an inner tube bathing suit for him to play in and some arm floaties, which meant he could roam around by himself and feel like he was swimming, which he finally really enjoyed. Scared us to death though. Austin actually kind of taught himself how to swim and as long as he had floaties on he could go all over the pool with them and his doggie paddle swim. It was funny. Sam pretty much wanted Jon to hold her the whole time...maybe because he was warmer? Regardless, she wanted Jon the whole time and had a shivering good time.

We came back to the cabin after our several hour swim and then made hamburgers for dinner complete with avacado, tomatoe, sprouts, cheese and all the other fixings. It was really good, there's nothing like a campfire burger. The rest of the night the boys played on their scooters and Sam roamed around all over and then we have some hot chocolate and smores and called it a night. The boys slept on the bunk beds and Jon and Sam slept on the double bed in that room with Jon and I slept on the sleeper sofa. It was ok and we managed fine. Sam kept Jon awake becuase she got sick that morning and was only getting progressively worse as the day went on, and was coughing something fierce throughout the night. It was hands down a better night camping than our first attempt.

The next day we made bacon, eggs and waffles for breakfast. It was very good. We then cleaned up a bit and then we went to the Rainbow Trout farm about 5 miles down the road/mountain. It is nestled a ways down into the valley, and we kept thinking we had missed the sign, but we finally got there. It is so beautiful there. Very family friendly. They provide the poles and bait and buckets and nets, and anything else you need to catch some fish. Since I have never caught a fish, he told us to fish from Pond 6, which had the biggest fish so apparently I would feel more satisfaction from catching one. We all ended up fishing from that pond only. Austin caught the first fish and it was an 18 incher. Alex was right after him and he caught another 18 incher. I caught the third fish, expect it pulled my line so hard and I ended up just getting my hook back with no bait. I cast again and then caught another 18incher, except mine was super fat, thus bigger than the other fishes. Then Jon caught one that was 16inches. We stopped at that. We brought our fish back and they cleaned and gutted the fish for us and then packed the fish on ice for us. It was a very good time and it only took 15 minutes to catch our fish. I'm glad it didn't take any longer to be honest because Sam was a handful and miserable all at the same time because she had a pretty high fever and was not feeling very well.

We got back to the camp and then went into the pool again. After that we came back to the site to have one of our fish roasted on the fire and it tasted very good...the kids had hot dogs. Then the boys wanted to play with the only other family in our area of the park, so they played and rode their scooters around for about 4 hours or so until it was very dark. Then they came back and watched some TV before surrounding the campfire and eating marshmellows and smores. Sam at that point had her fever break, so she was more pleasant to be around. I'm sure a lot of poeople thought I was crazy for just letting her hang out in her pull up, but she was just so darn hot and it was warm already outside. I think it helped emencely considering she wouldn't just sit and rest at any point.

That night the boys and Sam went to sleep in the room by themselves and Sam slept through the hole night and we woke her up around 8am. Jon and I were able to sleep in the front room on teh sleeper sofa without the kids or specifically Sam wandering around. It was a solid night sleep for me...Jon got crowded a bit because I tend to do that when I sleep. :)

We just a simple breakfast the next day of pop tarts and then headed home. That was it, but we had a grat time and the boys made some new friends and had a blast and we enjoyed ourselves too. Oh and the starry sky was absolutely beautiful and I saw a shooting star for the first time in my life! It was very cool. Austin asked me if I had made a wish, but I just couldn't believe that I had seen one that I forgot all about the formalities. It was very cool.

Here's some pictures of our trip.


Cory, Heather, Alyssa and Owen said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. Something you should try is a yurt. We tried one of those they have lights and heaters also.

Purplepickle said...

I understand the yurts are great, that is what Vern and Travis do every year with some friends of Vern's. He says they are great. I understand some of the areas are rented out a year in advance though. But, I hear from others that they have a great time in them and I believe someone said even a bathroom. I may be wrong about that don't know.