Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm getting ready to do some more's never ending actually. Anyway...Vickie and I made Fig Jam today and put some more figs on the dehydrators. I've never done it before, but it actually wasn't really too hard, just time consuming. My feet are sore from standing and stirring and standing and stirring and standing some more. I picked up some Strawberries and we'll do a strawberry fig jam tomorrow.

Anyway, the best part...beside the fact that they are absolutely beautiful to look at, I put some of the fresh jam on some toast with butter and it was so wonderful. I mean to tell you it was hands down the best jam I've ever tasted...ok..maybe not the best but close to it. I can't wait to see what the strawberry fig and blueberry fig is going to taste like. :)

Also did some shopping and got 130 yoplait yogurts for $1.50. Also, I got 40 boxes of Macronie Grill Entree Chicken dishes for $16.85 or something like that instead of 5.99each!...not bad...ok, got to get some work done.


Lark said...

Congrats on making the jam. I love homemade jam. Never had fig before....glad you enjoy it. I think you are braver than me. :)

Purplepickle said...

Well I am still worn out and tired! The jam is great, hard to decide if the blueberry/fig or the strawberry/fig is my favorite! the blueberries were off of our bushes and figs from Jon and Rebecca's so that was great! Fig tastes similar to strawberry. Not quite as good as plain strawberry if you ask your Dad! But tasty non the less and we will manage to eat it I am sure!

Jen said...

We have a TON of PLUMS at our house! I am going to attempt to make fruit leather and jam with it. I hope it all turns out!