Saturday, June 28, 2008

So, today I went outside with the boys and trimmed the grapes. They were getting out of hand and needed to be pruned. Austin actually helped me quite a bit, but Alex just kind of poked around and played on the swings.

We're going out to look for a BBQ today. We are having a July 4th get together and doing dinner and thought it best to grill. I hope we can find one that is within our budget and a good one...I may be dreaming, but I think we can manage. I've got some coupons (you had no doubt I know) so I hope that helps out a little bit.

We've been eating out entirely too much this week, but I can now get around and do things. I got the go ahead from the doctor yesterday and I can actually fold a towel now! Yay me! Actually, the meals we got from the sisters in my ward were really pretty great. Nicole even brought over some homemade Strawberry shortcake, with homemade whipped cream! It was really tasty. My arms still are sore from the failed IV attempts, blood draw pokes and my infiltrated IV least that one is no longer hot and it is getting softer.

We're kind of back to the drawing board for Sam and potty training. When I was gone it kind of threw her off a bit trying to do it with everyone else. Now I'm hoping in the next few days/weeks we'll be on track again and at least be back to the only 1 accident a day thing...or even no accidents would be great.

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Jen said...

so what happened to you?? I am out of the loop here and didn't hear what happened. Glad you can do a little more. It isn't good when mom can't do anything