Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Newest deal

Here's what I did with coupons tonight at Safeway and Albertson's, along with my $10.00 off $50.00 coupons:

5 freezer bags (3 quart, 2 gallon) that work with the handi vacs
11 packages Cat food
1 smoked sausage
10 packages lunch meat/ham/turkey/chicken
2 lb package of chicken leg quarters
1lb black plums (yum)
4 gallons milk
30 packages of 12 count pop tarts (I know a lot right, but the neighbor kid likes them and eats them at our house too.)
2 gorton's fisherman fillets
2 lbs grapes
12 Atkins advance bars 6 count
2lb brick of Tillamook cheese
8 cans of the Valley Fresh chicken
8 packages Huggies Wipes
3 beef roasts
4 London Broil steaks
2 packages Family size Pork chops boneless

I should have paid $449.75 for all of that, but I only paid $113.12 and then I also got 4 free movie tickets, which are valued up to $12.00 each so it's like I paid $65.12. Pretty awesome huh?

I'm going to go tomorrow night and get some more meat because for those prices I'm just going to have to stock up. Putting my garage sale earnings to good use and splurging a little bit. :)

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